Blazing Fast VCL Data Grid

When only the best grid will do.
DevExpress Data Grid Control for WinForms

It's Blazing Fast and Extremely Versatile

Present your data, your way.
The high performance ExpressQuantumGrid is a feature-complete editing and data shaping component allowing your end-users to easily manage information and display it on-screen as business requirements dictate. Whether using it in bound, unbound, provider or master-detail mode, you can enable many of its features with the DevExpress VCL Printing System for instant ad-hoc reporting, without writing a single line of code. And with patent-pending server side data processing and multi-threaded algorithms, the grid will help your app remain responsive regardless of data set size or complexity.

It Provides Unmatched UI Flexibility

5 elegant Grid View options.
The ExpressQuantumGrid is incredibly efficient at displaying information and allowing your users to manipulate data on-screen. It gives you a comprehensive set of UI choices so you can deliver solutions that solve real-world business problems, without wasting precious time.
  • Table View: Emulates the look feel and behavior of the Microsoft® Outlook® grid and displays information using a standard table metaphor.
  • Banded Table View: Provides extended layout and customization options for complex datasets. End-users can hide, show, reorder entire column sets instead of having to perform the same operation on each individual column.
  • Card-Contact View: Mimics the capabilities found in Microsoft Outlook's Contacts View and supports the following extended features: end-user card resizing, card auto-width, collapsible cards, card caption images, multiple card selection, etc.
  • Layout View: Displays data records as cards with extended customization options and field layout choices so you can use form space more effectively. You can optionally arrange your cards in an ellipse with the Carousel display mode and move them along a curve with animation, transparency, and scale effects to mimic a rolling carousel.
  • Chart View: Stands out from other Views as it allows you to visualize complex numerical data in an extremely easy to understand but very informative manner - with chart diagrams. The ExpressQuantumGrid offers you Column, Bar, Area, Line, Pie, Stacked Column, Stacked Bar, and Stacked Area diagrams. From a chart legend to value markers and data labels on series values - every appearance aspect of a chart is completely under your control. End-users are able to slice and dice data displayed in a chart using built-in customization tools.
  1. Table View

  2. Banded Table View

  3. Card View

  4. Layout View

  5. Layout View (Carousel Mode)

  6. Chart View

  1. Data Sorting

  2. Data Grouping

  3. Microsoft Excel Style Filtering

  4. Total Summary Calculation

  5. Print Preview

It Shapes, Organizes and Informs

Sort, Group, Compute - Print and Export
The ExpressQuantumGrid is not just a grid, it is a high performance data shaping, data mining and reporting platform, so you can unleash the power of information and intuitively present it to your end-users.
Data Sorting Options
Sort against Unlimited Number of Fields ● Sort by Cell Display Values ● Custom Sorting Algorithms ● Multi-Threaded Sorting
Data Grouping Options
Group against an Unlimited Number of Columns ● Microsoft Outlook Style Group Row Painting ● Custom and Multiple Predefined Date/Time Grouping Intervals ● Sort by Group Values ● Automatic Group Expansion ● Multi-Threaded Grouping
Data Filtering Options
Microsoft Excel Style Filtering ● Microsoft Excel Style Filter Dialogs ● Filter Row ● Filter Panel ● Advanced Filter Editor Dialog ● Custom Filtering ● Multi-Threaded Filtering
Summary Computation Options
Total Summaries ● Group Row Summaries ● Group Footer Summaries ● Five Built-in Aggregate Functions ● Custom Aggregate Functions ● Sort by Group Summary Values ● Optionally Sort Against Selected Rows Only
Printing and Data Export
Multiple data rendering and reporting options via the DevExpress VCL Printing System. Data export to multiple file formats, including XLSX, XLS, PDF, HTML, etc.

It's Clear, Concise and Accurate

Value Formatting, Editing and Validation
Cell Value Formatting: Formatting using standard and custom format strings ● 30 reusable cell editors for more effective data presentation ● Cell custom painting ● Dynamically switch editor types based on cell data
Data Editing and Validation: Integrated UI for adding, deleting, and navigating records ● Multiple row selection ● Input validation and error indication ● Over 70 standalone editors for easier data input
Powerhouse Lookups: A grid control embedded in the dropdown allows you to leverage all the capabilities of the ExpressQuantumGrid within a lookup and customize the way in which end-users interact with lookup values.
  1. Cell Value Formatting

  2. Data Editing

  3. Lookups with Embedded Grid Control

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The Windows 8 touch-first Tile UI.
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Microsoft Excel style spreadsheet control.
Unmatched data editing options.
Visio® style hierarchical chart control.
Visualizes workflow diagrams & network topologies.
Multi-purpose components for VCL.

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