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Since 1996, we at REITEC have been developing individual software solutions for our customers. Our focus is on developments in the CAD environment. CAD interfaces, CAD add-ons and CAD automation are important cornerstones in addition to 3D CAD applications for desktop and web. The latter work without a “real” CAD system in the background and become increasingly important. Over the years, we have added some of our own products, such as the MeXX Measuring Data Management system or our Reitec.PMM software for gauge management, which we successfully distribute all over the world.

The Application: pedoffice for pedcad foot technology GmbH

Pedoffice is a software that is mainly used in orthopedic centers. It provides patient and order management functionality. The orders refer to the production of orthopedic shoes and insoles. The user can launch all required measurements (2D, 3D or pressure measurements) directly out of the order and read in measurement data.

pedoffice for pedcad foot technology GmbH

The possibility to implement different measurement devices from different manufacturers is a special feature of the tool which is unique in its way. Based on the measurement data, the shoe size is determined, and further correction values are calculated. All data are displayed in a 3D viewport, which the user can rotate interactively. All measurements are displayed on top of each other and can be switched transparent. Using an integrated product configurator, the user can now specify the exact characteristics of the insole or shoe (padding, materials, cover, etc.).

pedoffice for pedcad foot technology GmbH

By pressing a button, the collected data are then transmitted to the manufacturer, who can open and process them directly in the CAD system. Finally, all data are transferred to the production department.

pedoffice for pedcad foot technology GmbH

Describe Your Biggest Development Obstacle

Really challenging was the implementation of the 3D viewport. In this application, we use the WPF 3D viewport without any further additions. The main difficulty in this project was displaying most different data such as the STL data of the 3D scans, sensor data of the foot pressure measuring platforms and 2D image data. In addition, numerous interaction options had to be implemented, such as the manual alignment of the measurements to each other, the correction functions, and the rotation function.

Why You Chose DevExpress

The DevExpress Suite offers a wide range of components at a reasonable price. The support service is extremely competent and helps you with any kind of question within a truly short time.

DevExpress Products Used

Describe Your Experience with DevExpress Products

A major challenge was the design of a clear and easy-to-use interface. We had developed the first version of our software completely without DevExpress components. However, when we presented this version to our customer, he was not happy with it and refused it. As a result, we started researching alternatives. Since we have been developing WinForms applications with DevExpress for many years, we started searching at the DevExpress Demo Center and promptly found what we were looking for: the "Touch-Enabled Hybrid App." So, we created a UI prototype. Our customer was immediately enthusiastic. He was convinced by the clear user guidance, high-usability and the perfect design in the colors of his corporate design. In the meantime, the end users confirm that this application created a new standard in this sector.


Dominik Walter

Dominik Walter
Engineer Technical Orthopedics / Project Manager

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Stephan Wannenwetsch
Software Developer / CEO


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