MyABCM is a global Performance Management solution provider with customers of all sizes across many industries: from local implementation for a specific department to global implementation for multinational operations.

With more than eighteen years of dedicated experience in ABC/M and Performance Management, as well as participation in more than 600 projects, MyABCM has highly skilled professionals with a knowledge of activities that can guide your current conceptual model into towards a solution, integrate this information into corporate data, and also offer basic and advanced training, technical support and application services.

Project Description

When we started MyABCM development many years ago, our user interface designers proposed an innovative UI that posed a tremendous challenge to our developers - how to implement such a great design in a standard windows application constrained by limited windows API and WinForms controls.

DevExpress WinForms Controls proved to be the perfect answer for us because of the high level of customization alongside an extreme set of functionalities. We would never be able to customize every little detail of our product's UI without a tool like the DevExpress Skin Editor.

We use several controls from DevExpress, including: Tree List, NavBar, Menu, Grid, Charts and others. All of them work perfectly together and are all customized via their Skin Editor.

Here are some examples on the level of customizations we have applied to multiple DevExpress controls (Menu, Editors, NavBar, Tab, Splitter among others):

WinForms Tree List Module

Here is WinForms Chart Control (XtraCharts) in action:

WinForms Chart Module

Here is WinForms Pivot Table (XtraPivotGrid) in action:

OLAP Module

The result for us was a unique product UI that clearly differentiated us from the crowd and also gave us a much faster time to market.

After many years of using DevExpress WinForms Controls, we designed a new WEB module for our flagship product and decided to use DevExpress ASP.NET Controls. What we have learned so far is that their ASP.NET Controls are as flexible and powerful as their WinForms counterparts.

By using ASP.NET Controls, we were able to deploy the reporting features we had previously designed in our desktop solution over the web in a record breaking development time with impressive results:

ASP.NET Application

Once again, DevExpress ASP.NET controls helped us speed up our marketing time of our new products – all due to their flexibility and the similarity to their WinForms controls.

In addition to the products themselves, DevExpress excels in their documentation and technical support, which has been essential to improvement of our productivity.

Relying extensively on a third party component imposes a great risk for any Independent Software Vendor, because your component supplier becomes part of your own success or failure. In the end, we can say with confidence that DevExpress is an organization that we can rely on to improve our productivity, quality and marketing time.

Clovis Henrique Ribeiro, VP of Engineering
Fabiana Zanluchi, Senior Developer/DevExpress Specialist