Day and Month Views

Intuitive appointment management.

Display a detailed view of events/appointments for a specific day using the Day View. Integrated swipe navigation makes it easy to navigate from one day to the next.

The Month View displays a snapshot of appointments across an entire month.

Xamarin.Forms Scheduler Control - Month View, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Scheduler App for iOS - Day View, DevExpress

Week Views

Flexible work week display options.

Display a detailed list of appointments across a work or full week. The Work Week View displays event/appointment details for a work week. Our Xamarin.Forms Scheduler-Calendar control’s Full Week View displays event details for an entire week.

To create a new appointment or edit an existed appointment, simply tap on a time cell to invoke the fully-integrated Xamarin Appointment Editor.

Xamarin.Forms Scheduler Control- Full Week View, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Scheduler App for iOS - Work Week View, DevExpress

Recurring Appointments

Create repeating events with just a few taps.

With our Xamarin Scheduler-Calendar control, you can easily customize all recurrence related functionality and address even the most complex requirements with minimal effort. You can specify how often an appointment repeats and when it stops repeating.

Recurring appointments can be set to occur daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Individual appointments can also be edited and modified without changing the entire recurrence series.

Xamarin.Forms Scheduler Control- Recurring Appointments, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Scheduler App for iOS - Recurring Appointments, DevExpress

Appearance Customization

Build fully customizable calendars.

The DevExpress Xamarin.Forms Scheduler-Calendar control ships with two built-in themes - Light and Dark. You can also refine its appearance to better match a specific app-wide theme. Integrated style options allow you to customize the following UI elements:

  • Time Cell
  • All-Day Area
  • Appointment
  • Date Header
  • Time Ruler
Xamarin.Forms Scheduler Control, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Scheduler - iOS App, DevExpress

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