.NET MAUI and Xamarin Controls – Free Offer from DevExpress

A free copy of .NET MAUI and Xamarin Controls is available to registered DevExpress.com users.

This free DevExpress offer includes the following Xamarin & MAUI components. Please note product versions associated with each product as this offer is limited to the versions listed below:

  • MAUI Data Grid v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • MAUI Scheduler v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • MAUI Chart v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • MAUI Collection View v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • MAUI Data Form & Editors v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • MAUI TabView v21.2.x - v23.2.x
  • Xamarin Data Grid v20.2.x - v22.1.x
  • Xamarin Scheduler v20.2.x - v22.1.x
  • Xamarin Chart v20.2.x - v22.1.x
  • Xamarin Collection View v20.2.x - v22.1.x
  • Xamarin Data Form & Editors v20.2.x - v22.1.x
  • Xamarin Drawer & TabView v20.2.x - v22.1.x

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* This offer expires at 23:59 GMT on June 30, 2024. If you register for this free offer prior to 23:59 GMT on June 30, 2024, you can use the product libraries listed above within your projects free-of-charge for as long as you wish (please refer to our End User License Agreement for more information on redistribution rights).

** This free Xamarin & MAUI offer is limited to the products/versions listed above. The free offer does not apply to products/versions not explicitly listed on this webpage.

*** This free offer does not include technical support from DevExpress. Technical support for DevExpress .NET MAUI & Xamarin Forms Controls is only available as part of the Universal Subscription. To learn how to use our components in your application, please refer to the following DevExpress resources: