Xamarin Data Form

Create fully customizable data entry forms.

Our Data Form control allows you to quickly generate edit forms for any data object.

It's features include:

  • Built-in and Custom Editors
  • Commit Modes
  • Input Validation / Error Indication
  • Layout Customization
  • Grouping
Xamarin.Forms Data Form Control, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Data Form for iOS, DevExpress

Xamarin Text Editors

Text Edit, Password Box, Multi-line Edit

  • Masked Input
  • Prefix and Suffix
  • Animated Label
  • Placeholder
  • Help Text
  • Input Error Indication
  • Icons
  • Character Counter
  • Appearance Options
  • Password Mode (Password Box)
Xamarin.Forms Text Box, Password Box and Multi-line Editor, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Text Box, Password Box and Multi-line Editor - iOS App, DevExpress

Xamarin ComboBox

Create dropdown lists.

  • Bind to Data
  • Icons
  • Label
  • Item Filtering
  • Help Text and Error Message
  • Appearance Options
Xamarin.Forms ComboBox, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms ComboBox - iOS App, DevExpress

Xamarin Date-Time Pikers

Date Edit, Time Edit

Our Xamarin.Forms DateEdit control is a date editor with a native date picker (iOS/Android). The Time Editor allows a user to select time values - it supports 12 and 24-hour time notation. Both editors include the following features:

  • Animated Labels
  • Placeholders
  • Input Error Indication
  • Icons
  • Appearance Customization
  • Comprehensive API

The Date and Time Editors can be used for standalone editing or used within cells of container controls such as the DevExpress Xamarin Forms DataGrid.

Xamarin.Forms Date-Time Editors, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Date-Time Editors - iOS App, DevExpress

Xamarin Numeric Editor

Edit numeric values with ease

  • Number Format
  • Maximum Number of Decimal Digits
  • Min/Max Value
  • Null Value and Placeholder
  • Icons (Increment/Decrement, Clear, Error, Custom)
  • Help Text
  • Data Validation and Input Error Indication
  • Filled and Outlined Edit Box Types
  • Appearance Options
  • Localization
Xamarin.Forms Numeric Editor, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Numeric Editor - iOS App, DevExpress

Xamarin Checkbox

Toggle between two or three states

  • Checked, Unchecked, and Indeterminate States
  • Checkbox Colors for all States
  • Custom Images for all check states
  • Custom font face, size, and attributes.
Xamarin.Forms Numeric Editor, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Numeric Editor - iOS App, DevExpress

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