Big Data Made Easy

Render 20 Million Points without Preprocessing

Our Xamarin.Forms Chart control allows you to render and visualize massive data sets at blazing fast speeds. By using native graphic libraries with hardware acceleration, DevExpress Charts for Xamarin.Forms stands head and shoulders above competing products. With it, you can visualize millions of data points without preprocessing.

  • Ultra-fast Initial Loading
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • High-speed Rendering for Extremely Large Datasets
  • Fluid Navigation and Zoom

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Xamarin.Forms Charting - DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Charting - Mobile App - DevExpress

The Fabulous Four

Area, Bar, Line and Point Charts Inside

Turn data into actionable information. DevExpress Charts for Xamarin.Forms ships with the fabulous four chart types (Area, Bar, Line and Point). It also includes the following collection of 'fab four' derivatives so you can build your best, without compromise.

  • Spline
  • Range
  • Step
  • Stacked
  • Full Stacked
  • Side by Side Stacked
  • Side by Side Full Stacked
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Xamarin.Forms Area Charts - DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Line Charts - Mobile App - DevExpress

Finance and Economics

Real-Time Financial Data Management

Visualize sales trends, track financial instruments, and render economic patterns with our complete suite of Xamarin.Forms Financial charts. DevExpress Charts ships with dozens of integrated financial indicators including Fibonacci, trendline, price, and oscillator.

Chart types include:

  • Candlestick
  • Stock

The DevExpress Stocks mobile app helps demonstrate the capabilities of our Xamarin.Forms Financial chart suite. Download it on your smartphone or tablet to experience the speed, flexibility, and UI elegance of DevExpress Xamarin controls firsthand.


Stocks for iOSStocks for Android

Xamarin.Forms Financial Charts - DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Financial Charts - Mobile App - DevExpress

Pies, Donuts & Bubbles

Easy-to-Understand Analytics

Our fully-interactive Xamarin Pie, Donut, and Bubble charts allow you to compare data across multiple categories and correlate corporate data with ease. Pie charts help you analyze data against two dimensions. Bubble charts can help visualize data defined by three numeric variables. Donut charts can display multiple series.

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Our Xamarin.Forms UI components are available free-of-charge.
With the ever growing up-to-date DevExpress components and technologies, I could build the latest applications on multiple platforms with the top notch functionality, quality and reliability. Joseph Tang
Xamarin.Forms Donut Chart - DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Pie Charts - Mobile App - DevExpress

Interactive & Customizable

Deliver Intuitive Runtime Experiences

Our Xamarin Chart control includes a myriad of UX configuration options so you can deliver the best possible data visualization experience for your next iOS or Android mobile app. Xamarin.Forms Chart customization options include:

  • Crosshair Cursor
    Summarize details against points that share the same argument.
  • Chart Selection
    Highlight and select chart elements - be it a single data point or series.
  • Chart Legend
    Improve readability. Customize the legend's title, its layout, and overall appearance.
  • Chart Titles & Tooltips
    Display additional information or annotations as needed. You can configure layout and appearance to suit the UI and branding requirements of your enterprise.
  • Fluid Navigation & Zoom
    Regardless of data set size or information complexity, DevExpress Charts for Xamarin Forms delivers fluid navigation and zoom options.
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Xamarin.Forms Charts - UX Options | DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Chart UI Options - Mobile App | DevExpress

Chart Axis

Dual-axis Graphs

Plot any data type via the following four axes types: Category, Date-Time, Numeric, and Logarithmic. Our Xamarin.Forms Chart control supports primary and secondary XY-axes.

You can also customize axis elements to improve readability. Axis options include:

  • Axis Tile
  • Configurable Axis Range
  • Constant Lines and Strips
  • Labels, Gridlines and Tick Marks
  • Position and Layout
  • Style and Appearance
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Xamarin.Forms Chart Axes - DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Chart Axes - Mobile App - DevExpress

Appearance Customization

Create Fully Customizable Mobile Apps

The DevExpress Xamarin Chart control ships with two built-in themes - light and dark. Since you can customize individual chart elements as needed, you are free to refine the appearance of the control suite to meet and exceed end-user expectations.

Point and Segment Colorizers allow you to define colors for series points and line/area segments based on data. You can use a predefined colorizer (for example, color-each or value-range) or implement a custom algorithm as needed.

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Our Xamarin.Forms UI components are available free-of-charge.
Since I've been using DevExpress, developing has become a lot easier and more important - a lot more fun. And, whenever you have a question, just contact DevExpress Support and you know a solution is near. David De Kegel
Xamarin.Forms Charting - Appearance Customization, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Charting Mobile App - Appearance Customization, DevExpress

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