Spell Checker

Highlight and Safely Correct Misspelled Words in Your Code

The CodeRush Spell Checker shows misspellings found in file names, strings, comments, and declarations (including camel case name parts). And when you use the spell checker to correct a misspelled identifier, CodeRush safely renames that identifier throughout your solution, so you only need to fix it once.

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Debug Visualizer

Simplify Debugging with In-place Expression Value Previews

When stepping through code, the Debug Visualizer safely evaluates expressions on the active line, displaying their values in the editor. You can preview future values (for the active line of code that’s about to be executed), and see historical values (for stepped-over lines inside the active code block).

Everything you need is placed in the code near the expressions, so you never need to reach for the mouse to open a Locals/Watch window or move your eyes away from the code, helping you maintain focus while debugging.

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Debug Visualizer - CodeRush | DevExpress

Member Icons

Perform Common Tasks with Members & Types

Member Icons appear next to types and type members (fields, properties, methods, etc.), and let you accomplish common tasks quickly. Just click the icon to bring up a menu of related tasks. For example, cut (or copy) a type or member to the clipboard instantly. Change visibility (public, private, etc.) or comment out the entire member or type in a single click.

You can even move members to brand new (or existing) regions in your code. And CodeRush adds navigation commands so you can instantly jump to property/field assignments, references, other members, and more.

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Member Icons - CodeRush | DevExpress

Structural Highlighting

Highlight Code Structure and Region Boundaries

Structural Highlighting reveals the connections between related and indented tokens in the code, making it easy to verify the code's indentation is correct. This feature is also useful when working with a code block that can't fully fit on screen.

Region Painting helps you keep focus on the code by reducing visual noise caused by region directive syntax (e.g., "#region", "#endregion"). Region painting makes it easier to see the regions in the code.

Also, you can quickly collapse/expand the region by pressing Space in the #region/#endregion directives. Region painting works in C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, TypeScript, and XAML.

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Structural Highlighting - CodeRush | DevExpress

Right Margin Line

Keep Code Onscreen with a Handy Line Length Indicator

CodeRush's Right Margin Line makes it easy to see if your lines are getting too long (for example, exceeding reasonable line length limits from a code style setting).

The margin does not prevent lines from getting too long, but it does serve as a visual indicator of where to break a line, and makes it easy to quickly see which lines extend past the margin.

Right Margin Line - CodeRush | DevExpress

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