Code Cleanup

Clean and Organize Your Code

Eliminate redundant and unused code, automatically adhere to your favorite code style guidelines (like StyleCop) and format and organize members in one action automatically. You can do this for the active file, the active project or the entire solution. Turn on Cleanup on Save if you want to automatically apply the style (or a specified subset) whenever you save.

Set your programming style preferences once and apply your style whenever you need to clean or organize code. And different style settings can be bound to different solutions (or even teams) if you like.

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Organize Members

Create Custom Rules for Your Team or
Follow StyleCop Guidelines

Organize Members sorts members by name and visibility, and groups members by kind (methods, properties, etc.). Want to keep all the members that implement a particular interface together? No problem. Need all your event handlers in the same place? Easy. Organize Members can also surround member groups in named regions (e.g., "#region private fields..."), or start member sections with an optional comment header (e.g., "// public properties..."), if desired.

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Organize Members - CodeRush | DevExpress

C# Formatting

Indent and Wrap Code Consistently

Consistent indentation and line wrapping make code easier to read. If a line is too long, CodeRush can organize it onto two or more lines (following your settings).

As you work in Visual Studio, formatting can be applied automatically when ending statements or blocks (e.g., by pressing ';' or '}'). Formatting can also be invoked with a single keypress or as a part of Code Cleanup.

C# Formatting - CodeRush | DevExpress

XAML Formatting

Improve Clarity and Layout

Make your XAML look great with consistent attribute sorting and formatting. You can even reorder elements where permitted. For example, you can create easier-to-read XAML by sorting Grid elements by row and column position, or by sorting Canvas elements by where they appear onscreen (e.g., left to right, top to bottom). All this and more will make your XAML code much easier to read.

XAML Formatting - CodeRush | DevExpress

Multi-Layered Settings

Manage Settings for Yourself, Your Solutions, and Your Teams

CodeRush allows you to store settings in prioritized layers so you can:

  • Share options with team members working on the same solution.
  • Use different options for different solutions.
  • Override any team or solution setting with a different setting just for yourself.

And when your CodeRush settings follow company coding guidelines, you can easily share those settings with the rest of your team.

Multi-Layered Settings - CodeRush | DevExpress

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