Rename & Move

Safely Modify Types and Files
for Consistent Project Structures

Rename files to match types (and vice versa) and move all types to separate files in a single action. Many coding standards recommend having only one type per file – achieve this easily with CodeRush's file organization refactorings. You don't need to manually copy/paste code into new files, or update namespaces across files to match your project’s folder structure.

Rename and Move - CodeRush | DevExpress

Redundant Code

Remove Unused/Unnecessary Elements
for Greater Clarity

Optimize and sort using directives, and instantly remove redundant type qualifiers and unused parameters and members. Why pollute your source with lots of grayed-out code when you don't need it? Improve clarity and readability by eliminating elements that simply don't belong.

Redundant Code - CodeRush | DevExpress

New Language Features

Safely Freshen-up and Optimize Legacy Code

New language versions often bring enhancements that can improve code readability – and CodeRush can help you freshen your old code to make use of these new language features. Implicit/Explicit variable declaration, expression bodied members, Convert to Auto-Implemented Property or Compress to/Expand Null Coalescing Operation are all super easy with CodeRush.

CodeRush also includes handy string manipulation features - that are still unavailable in Visual Studio - to help you dress up your strings in seconds:

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New Language Features - CodeRush | DevExpress

Method Signatures

Reorder Parameters at the Declaration or Directly from a Method Call

Adding and reordering parameters is fast and simple with CodeRush. Changing method signatures doesn't have to be painful. CodeRush makes it easy, and without distracting modal dialogs that block your code or slow you down – all changes are done intuitively, right in editor. (Add Parameter, Reorder Parameters, and Remove Unused Parameter).

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Method Signatures - CodeRush | DevExpress

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