What's New in Blazor Components

What's New in 20.1.7

.NET Core 3.1.8 Support

DevExpress Project Templates

You can now create Blazor Server and WebAssembly apps based on DevExpress project templates:

  • DevExpress Blazor Server App
  • DevExpress Blazor WebAssembly App
  • DevExpress Blazor Hosted WebAssembly App

Project templates include:

  • References to the DevExpress Blazor NuGet package and DevExpress resources
  • Sidebar Navigation based on DevExpress TreeView
  • DevExpress DataGrid Component
  • DevExpress Blazing Berry Theme


Project Templates - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

A new PopupEditFormHeaderText property allows you to specify the popup Edit Form's title.

DataGrid Popup Edit Form - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Editors Enhancements

Date Edit


We added a new Calendar.VisibleDateChanged event. This event fires each time month or year changes.

ComboBox, TagBox, ListBox

You can now specify custom column captions for multi-column editors. Use the DxListEditorColumn.Caption property.


Multi-Column ComboBox - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Disabled State

Our data editor now includes a new option - Enabled. Turn off this option to disable an editor. Users cannot interact with disabled editors and change their values/states.

Form Layout Enhancements

Toolbar Enhancements

We added a new option - CloseMenuOnClick. This option specifies whether to close a sub-menu once a user clicks its item.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.7.

Breaking Changes

T933584 - Date Edit - The DateEdit_AdaptiveDatePickerNotification localization string has been replaced with the DateEdit_DisabledDateNotification and DateEdit_OutOfRangeNotification strings

What's New in 20.1.6

.NET Core 3.1.7 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.1 Support

New Memo Component

Our new Memo component for Blazor includes the following features:

  • Bind to Data
  • Custom Size
  • Resize Modes (Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Clear Button and Null Text
  • Read-only State

Demo | Documentation

Memo Component for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

New Popup Edit Form

End-users can now edit column values within a popup form. To activate Popup Edit Form mode, set the EditMode property to PopupEditForm.

Demo | Documentation

Popup Edit Form - Data Grid for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Scheduler Enhancements

Appointment Templates

You can now customize appointemnt appearance via templates. New templates include:

Demo | Documentation

Appointment Templates - Blazor Scheduler | DevExpress

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to add custom data to appointments, labels, and statuses.



New API allows you to assign CSS classes to appointment labels and statuses.

Data Editors Enhancements

ComboBox, TagBox, ListBox

Calendar Enhancements

  • Date Validation
  • Nullable DateTime Support
  • Bind to a Date (Documentation)

Input Element ID

A new InputId property allows you to specify an input element's unique identifier (ID). Supported by CheckBox, ComboBox, DateEdit, SpinEdit, and TagBox.

Form Layout Enhancements

You can now assign CSS classes to layout items and captions of items, tab pages, and groups.

Event Processing

We've changed a delegate type from Action to EventCallback in several components.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.6.

Breaking Changes

  • T921319 - API members from the majority of base classes have been moved to descendant classes
  • T920147 - Specific events have changed their delegate type from Action to EventCallback
  • T900424 - Calendar - The DateExpression property has been replaced with the SelectedDateExpression and SelectedDatesExpression properties
  • T900084 - Calendar - The DxCalendar class and specific API members have become generic-typed
  • T921360 - The ComboBox, List Box, and TagBox components' API and declaration have been changed
  • T921348 - Data Grid field-related properties have been renamed
  • T921344 - Form Layout - The DxFormLayoutItem.CaptionFor property value is no longer assigned to the ID property of editors in the template
  • T917294 - Pivot Grid - The PivotGridSummaryType.NotSet enumeration value has been removed and the SummaryType default value has been changed to Sum
  • T905067 - The DxDataGridColumn.AllowSort and DxDataGridColumn.EditorVisible property's value type has been changed from DefaultBoolean to nullable Boolean

What's New in 20.1.5

.NET Core 3.1.5 Support

Data Grid Enhancements

  • You can now disable individual cells in the Filter Row and prohibit filtering in corresponding grid columns. Documentation

  • New ComboBox column options include:

    Incremental Filtering
    End-users can filter list items dynamically, based upon the text typed into the editor's input box. Filter modes include: Contains and StartsWith.


    DataGrid: Incremental Filtering - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

    Virtual List Render
    In this new mode, the ComboBox renders list items displayed in the viewport. Use Virtual mode to render long lists faster.

Data Editors Enhancements

ComboBox, TagBox - Drop-Down Width Modes

Content or Editor Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Content Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Editor Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Demo | Documentation

Calendar, Date Edit - Min/Max Dates

Demo | Documentation: MinDate | Documentation: MaxDate

Calendar: Min/Max Dates - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Toolbar Enhancements

Our Blazor Toolbar component can now display drop-down lists in a modal dialog.

Demo | Documentation

Toolbar: Show DropDown Lists in a Modal Window - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Upload Enhancements

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.5.

Breaking Changes

  • T903275 - Data Grid - The filter row has become hidden by default
  • T899859 - ComboBox and TagBox - The default width of the drop-down lists has been changed
  • T899965 - Date Edit - The first day of a week has become culture-dependent

What's New in 20.1.4

.NET Core 3.1.4 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0

We issued support for .NET Core 3.1.4 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Release.

New Reporting for Blazor *

DevExpress Reports now supports Blazor and ships with a Document Viewer and feature-rich End-User Report Designer.

*Important Note: Though DevExpress Reports supports Blazor, it is not included in our Blazor UI component distribution. To use DevExpress Reports within your Blazor application/project, you must purchase a DevExpress Subscription (Reporting Subscription, ASP.NET Subscription, DXperience, or Universal). For more information on what's included in our product subscriptions, please refer to the following product matrix.

Document Viewer

  • Preview and Print Documents
  • Export to PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV, Image
  • Page Navigation and Bookmarks
  • Editing
  • Search
  • Skeleton Screen
  • Multi-Page View
  • Full-Screen Mode

Demo: Document Viewer for Blazor   Documentation

Document Viewer for Blazor | DevExpress

Report Designer

  • Various Report Types (Table Report, Master-Detail Report, Invoice Report, Vertical Report, etc.)
  • 20+ Report Controls (including a Pivot Table and Charts)
  • Bind to Data (SQL, JSON, Excel, XPO and Object Data Sources)
  • Federated Data Source (integrate different data sources and get uniform data access with a federated query)
  • Data Source Wizard and Query Builder
  • Report Wizard
  • Integrated Document Viewer
  • Bookmarks and Document Map
  • Data Grouping, Sorting and Drill Down
  • Calculated Fields and Report Parameters
  • Skeleton Screen
  • Appearance Customization

Demo: Report Designer for Blazor   Documentation

Report Designer for Blazor | DevExpress

New Toolbar Component

Our new responsive Toolbar component for Blazor allows you to build intuitive and easy-to-navigate apps. It supports the following command types:

  • Button
  • Drop-Down List
  • Check Item
  • Radio Group
  • Link

Demo: Toolbar for Blazor   Documentation

Toolbar for Blazor UI | DevExpress

New Context Menu Component

Our new Blazor Context Menu component ships with the following features:

  • Bind to Data
  • Unbound Mode
  • Item Groups
  • Appearance Customization

Demo: Context Menu for Blazor   Documentation

Context Menu for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Sizing (Density) - Small, Medium, Large

With this update, you can control how components and their elements are spaced and sized. You can specify a global option that affects the sizing of all components in your Blazor app, or specify sizing for individual components.

DevExpress Blazor UI includes three sizing scales: small, medium, and large.


Size Modes - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

Column Chooser

The Column Chooser allows a user to show/hide and reorder grid columns.

Demo | Documentation

Column Chooser - Data Grid for Blazor UI, DevExpress

Header Template

Header Template - Data Grid for for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Demo | Documentation

Charts Enhancements

Charts for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Data Editors Enhancements

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of resolved issues.

Breaking Changes

  • T874276 - The default size of some components was changed
  • T874276 - Data Grid - Format-related properties of the Spin Edit and Date Edit columns have been renamed
  • T875624 - TreeView - Click on a node's expand/collapse button no longer invokes an action associated with a click on the node itself
  • T878784 - TreeView - The TreeViewNodeInfo class has been moved to an internal namespace
  • T874294 - The default date format is now culture-dependent
  • T874294 - Form Layout - The ValueEditingContext class has been renamed to ValueEditContext

What's New in 19.2.4

.NET Core 3.1.2 Support

In this update, we added support for .NET Core 3.1.2.

New Upload Component

Our new Upload component for Blazor includes the following features:

  • Chunk upload for large files
  • Select and upload multiple files at once
  • Drag and Drop
  • File extension and file size validation
  • Instant upload
  • Upload on a button click

See Demos

Upload - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Resolved Issues

  • T862009 - NullReferenceException occurs when DxCheckBox changes the ShowFilterRow property value
  • T853567 - NullReferenceException occurs if the grid is empty and DxDataGridComboBoxColumn is used with a hidden filter row
  • T854655 - Virtual scrolling does not work if the grid is bound to data via the CustomData property
  • T863709 - ComboBox does not keep the selected item while Grid records are edited if a ComboBox column is bound to a collection of custom objects
  • T860343 - Drop-down editors in the Popup component are not displayed over the Popup's boundaries and cause scroll bars to appear instead

Breaking Changes

T865261 - Data Grid – For combo box columns bound to a collection of custom objects, the RowUpdating(Async) and RowInserting(Async) event handlers now accept the entire selected item instead of the selected item's value

What's New in 19.2.3

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress UI for Blazor 19.2.



New TagBox Edit Component

  • Bind to Data
  • Custom Tags
  • Clear Button
  • Null Text
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Incremental Filtering
  • Read-Only Mode
  • Tag Template
  • Input Validation

Demo: TagBox for Blazor

TagBox for Blazor | DevExpress

New Button Component

Our new Blazor Button component supports over 25 paint styles. You can create a button with text, an icon, or both.

Features include:

  • 25+ Button Styles
  • Icon / Icon Alignment
  • Button Template
  • Disabled State
  • Submit the Form Data

Demo: Button for Blazor

Button for Blazor | DevExpress


With v19.2, you can translate DevExpress Blazor UI components into different languages.

How to localize DevExpress Blazor components

New Bootstrap Theme - Blazing Berry

We created a new 'Blazing Berry' theme for applications that are built using Bootstrap v4. This theme is used by default in our online demos.

Blazing Berry Theme - Blazor Components | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

  • Asynchronous Data Binding (See Demo)
  • Bind to Custom Data Sources
  • New CheckBox Column (See Demo)
  • Page Size Selector
  • Row Preview (See Demo)
  • Init New Row (See Demo
  • Reload Data in Code

Popup Enhancements

  • Footer template (See Demo)
  • Show / hide the header in code
  • Show / hide the popup in code
  • Content scrolling

.NET Core 3.1.1 Support

In v19.2, we supported .NET Core 3.1.1 that contains security and reliability fixes.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Chart - Ability to manually specify X/Y axis type.
  • Spin Editor - Ability to hide spin buttons.
  • Pager - Ability to limit the number of visible numeric buttons. (See Demo)

Resolved Issues

The Virtual Scrolling mode and the Master-Detail view do not work properly together

Breaking Changes

T851310 - Pager and Data Grid's Pager - The navigation mode was changed and the CollapseButtonCount property removed

What's New in 19.2.2 (Beta)

.NET Core 3.1.1 Support

In this version, we support .NET Core 3.1.1 that contains security and reliability fixes.

Breaking Changes

  • T851209 - Data Grid - The OptimizedMultipleSelectionChanged event has become asynchronous
  • T852758 - Data Grid - The StartRowEdit, CancelRowEdit and SetDataRowSelectedByKey methods have become asynchronous

What's New in 19.2.1 (Beta)


With this update, you can translate DevExpress Blazor UI components into different languages.

How to localize DevExpress Blazor components

Data Grid Enhancements

  • Asynchronous Data Binding (See Demo)
  • Bind to Custom Data Sources
  • New CheckBox Column (See Demo)
  • Pager - the Go to Page input box to jump to the corresponding page

Scheduler - CRUD API

New events include:

  • AppointmentRemoving / AppointmentRemoved
  • AppointmentUpdating / AppointmentUpdated
  • AppointmentInserting / AppointmentInserted

Editors - NullText Support

The following data editors support NullText:

Pager - Go to Page

With this update, you can type in a specific page and navigate to it.

See Demo

Blazor Pager - Go to Page | DevExpress

Resolved Issues

  • T850224 - The clear button for the filter row editors is shown at an incorrect position if the horizontal scrollbar is shown
  • T846352 - ComboBox - The "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'accessor')" exception is thrown if the ListRenderMode property is set to Virtual
  • T829754 - Date Edit - Clicking the "Today" button leads to the "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'accessor')" error
  • T825718 - List Box - Items have an unnecessary border if the render mode is set to "Virtual" and check boxes are shown
  • Grid jumps in virtual scrolling mode
  • Data Grid - Incorrect styles are applied to multiple selected data rows
  • Date Edit - Dates BC (before Christ) lead to an exception
  • Date Edit - the Clear button is displayed when the component is bound to a non-nullable data type
  • Spin Edit - Negative numbers lead to an exception when the component is bound to an unsigned numeric type

Breaking Changes

  • T850893 - Location of DevExpress resources has been changed
  • T850922 - Client-side Blazor applications now require you to call the AddDevExpressBlazor method
  • T851146 - DevExpress Blazor components no longer support .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 3.0
  • T849926 - Data Grid - Base column-related classes have become abstract
  • T850998 - Checkbox - Numeric values other than 0 and 1 are now interpreted as the indeterminate state
  • Data Grid, Pager - the default navigation mode has changed

What's New in 19.1.10

.NET Core 3.1 Support

New CheckBox Component

Our new Blazor CheckBox component supports checked, unchecked and indeterminate states. Its features include:

  • Bind to Boolean, Nullable Boolean, Enum, Int16
  • Bind to Custom Data Types
  • Disabled State
  • Switch Mode
  • Custom Appearance

See Demo

DevExpress Checkbox for Blazor

Data Grid Enhancements

TreeView Enhancements

With this update, you can create a tree on demand. Child nodes are dynamically created and initialized when their parent node is expanded.

See Demo

Data Editors Enhancements

  • DateEdit - Null Value Support
  • We've added the Clear Button to our Blazor TextBox, SpinEdit, DateEdit and Combobox

Demo: Null Value   Demo: Clear Button

Breaking Changes

With this update, our Blazor DateEdit is generic-typed. It supports DateTime and Nullable DateTime types. See details

What's New in 19.1.9

Data Grid

Save / Restore Layout

Resolved Issues

  • GroupIndex is not taken into account when the SortOrder property value is specified in the markup.
  • The pager does not work properly when a user groups grid data and it changes the number of data pages.
  • Column widths are calculated incorrectly when grid data is grouped and the navigation mode is set to VirtualScrolling.
  • The component does not switch to a previous page if a user deletes the last row on the last page.
  • T821637 - The 'Next' button is active for an empty grid.

Date Edit - Scroll Picker Mode

Resolved Issues

  • T823526 - Several records with the same argument value are aggregated in one record if the aggregation method is not specified (Charts)
  • T823175 - It's not possible to set an icon to a specific tab element (Tab Control)
  • T826048 - OnCustomizeSeriesPoint renamed to CustomizeSeriesPoint

What's New in 19.1.8

Data Grid - Data Paging API

New API includes:

  • PageIndex - Specifies the current page index.
  • PageCount - Gets the total number of page.
  • PageIndexChanged - Fires when the current page index is changed.
  • PageCountChanged - Fires when the page count is changed.

TreeView Enhancements

Node Templates

New templates include:

  • NodeTemplate / NodeTextTemplate - These templates are applied to all nodes, and allow you to customize the appearance and visual layout of all nodes or node text only.
  • Template / TextTemplate - These templates are applied to an individual node, and allow you to customize the appearance and visual layout of the node or its text only.

Demo - Node Templates

Node Expand/Collapse Action

You can now specify which user action expands or collapses a node. Set the NodeExpandCollapseAction property to one of the following values:

  • Auto
  • ButtonClick
  • NodeClick
  • NodeDoubleClick


Chart - Point Customization

With this update, you can handle the CustomizeSeriesPoint event and customize point appearance.


Blazor Chart - Point Customization, DevExpress

Tabs - Icons

Tabs can now display icons. Use the TabIconCssClass property to specify a CSS class of an icon.

  • Razor

                        <DxTabPage Text="Tab Page 1" TabIconCssClass=" fas fa-image">
                        <div>Tab Page 1 Content</div>

                        <DxTabPage Text="Tab Page 2">
                        <div>Tab Page 2 Content</div>


What's New in 19.1.7

Version 19.1.7 is available on the DevExpress NuGet server. Find your personal NuGet feed URL in the Download Manager and set up Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager to proceed with installation.

What's New in 0.4.1 (Beta)

New Chart Types

Range Bar and Range Area

Demo: Range Charts

Range Bar - Blazor Chart Component, DevExpressRange Area - Blazor Chart Component, DevExpress

Candlestick and Stock Charts

Demo: Financial Charts

Candlestick - Blazor Chart Component, DevExpressStock - Blazor Chart Component, DevExpress

Pie and Donut Charts

Demo: Pie and Donut Charts

Pie and Donut - Blazor Chart Component, DevExpress


Demo: Calendar

Calendar - Blazor Components, DevExpress

List Box

Demo: List Box

List Box - Blazor Components, DevExpress

Popup Window

Demo: Popup Window

Popup Window - Blazor Components, DevExpress

Data Grid - Filter Row

Demo: Filter Row

Fitler Row - Blazor Data Grid, DevExpress

What's New in 0.3.3 (Beta)

.NET Core 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Support

What's New in 0.3.2 (Beta)

Form Layout Enhancements

  • Create group layouts for different screen resolutions. Use the DxFormLayoutGroup class' ColSpanXX properties to specify the width of layout groups for different screens.
  • Create tabbed layouts for different screen resolutions. Use the DxFormLayoutTabPages class' ColSpanXX properties to specify the width of tabs for different screens.

What's New in 0.3.1 (Beta)

Blazor Preview 9 Support

What's New in 0.3.0 (Beta)

Data Grid Enhancements

Master-Detail Data Presentation

This update includes easy-to-configure master-detail support so you can deliver business solutions quickly, without wasting your precious time. You can create master-detail layouts of any complexity - with any number of nesting levels and any number of details at each level.

Online Demo: Master-Detail View

Blazor Data Grid - Master-Detail Data Presentation

Milti-Column Grouping

End-users can group data against an unlimited number of columns by dragging column headers into the group panel. Data Grouping can also be managed entirely in code.

Online Demo: Data Grouping

Blazor Data Grid - Multi-Column Grouping

Multiple Row Selection

This update gives users the ability to select multiple records via row clicks and checkboxes. Multiple options give you total control over the manner in which records are selected within the grid. You can enable Record Selection via checkboxes displayed in the Grid's command column or via individual row clicks.

Online Demo: Multiple Row Selection

Multiple Row Selection - Blazor Data Grid, DevExpress

Drag & Drop Column Headers

Integrated Column Header Drag & Drop support means that your end-users can rearrange grid columns and group data by dragging column headers into the group panel.

Scheduler - Appointment Management

Data editing is built-in. The built-in Appointment Dialog allows end-users to create new and modify existing appointments.

Blazor Scheduler - Appointment Management, DevExpress

End-users can specify the Subject associated with the event, it's Location, Start and End Time, Description and more.

Blazor Scheduler - Edit Appointment, DevExpress

With this update, end-users can also rearrange / resize appointments via drag & drop.

Blazor Scheduler - Drag and Drop Support, DevExpress

Online Demo: Scheduler Views

Text Box - Password Mode

Set the new Password property to true to enable the password mode.

Online Demo: Password Box

Data Editors - Read-Only Mode

Our Blazor Data Editors now support the read-only mode, which is enabled by setting the ReadOnly property to true.

API Enhancements

  • DxDataGrid.AllowDataRowSelection is now obsolete.
    Use DxDataGrid.SelectionMode = "DataGridSelectionMode" instead.
  • DxDataGrid.SelectedDataRow renamed to DxDataGrid.SingleSelectedDataRow.
  • DxDataGrid.SelectedDataRowChanged renamed to DxDataGrid.SingleSelectedDataRowChanged.

What's New in 0.2.0 (Beta)

New Blazor Chart Component

The DevExpress Chart for Blazor helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. Our Blazor Chart component delivers 2D chart types - ranging from area and bars to line and bubble views.

Features include:

Blazor Chart UI Component, DevExpress

Line Charts

Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Line Chart

Step Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Step Line Chart

Stacked Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Line Chart

Full Stacked Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Line Chart

Area Charts

Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Area Chart

Step Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Step Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Area Chart

Full Stacked Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Area Chart

Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Spline Area Chart

Stacked Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Spline Area Chart

Full Stacked Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Spline Area Chart

Bar Charts

Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Bar Chart

Full Stacked Bar Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Bar Chart

Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

  • Multi-Column Sorting - Hold the Shift key down when clicking column headers to sort data against multiple columns.
  • DxDataGrid.AllowSort - Specifies whether end-users can sort data within the grid.
  • Cell Text Alignment
  • Command Buttons (customization and optional display)

New column options:

  • AllowSort - Specifies whether users can sort data by the column's values.
  • SortOrder - Specifies a column sort order.
  • SortIndex - Specifies a column position among sorted columns.

Demo: Blazor Data Grid - Sort Data

What's New in 0.1.0 (Beta)

New Blazor Scheduler and Calendar Component

With our Scheduler & Calendar for Blazor you can deliver full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time.

Features include:

  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Work Week View
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Data Binding

Blog Post: New Blazor Scheduler Component
Online Demo: Scheduler for Blazor

Blazor Scheduler and Calendar Component, DevExpress

.Net Core 3.0 Preview 7 Support

Data Grid Enhancements

TreeView Enhancements

With this update, the DevExpress TreeView component for Blazor can be bound to hierarchical data structures.

See how to bind our Blazor TreeView to hierarchical datasource.

Form Layout - Toggle Item Visibility

What's New in 0.0.12

Virtual Scrolling

This update includes virtual scrolling support for two of our Blazor components: Data Grid and ComboBox.

Blog Post

Data Grid Demo  ComboBox Demo  Demo Sources

API Enhancements

Data Grid

  • 'AllowRowSelection' renamed to 'AllowDataRowSelection'
  • 'SelectedDataItem' renamed to 'SelectedDataRow'
  • 'SelectedItemChanged' renamed to 'SelectedDataRowChanged'


  • 'ExpandedChanging' is replaced with two new events: 'BeforeCollapse' and 'BeforeExpand'
  • 'ExpandedChanged' is replaced with two new events: 'AfterCollapse' and 'AfterExpand'

What's New in 0.0.11

New TreeView UI Component

The DevExpress TreeView for Blazor displays hierarchical data structures within a tree-like UI metaphor. The component can be used to simplify navigation within a web app or to display self-referenced information to end-users.

Online Demo  Blog Post

TreeView UI Component for Blazor | DevExpress

Combo Box Enhancements

  • Data Filteing
  • User Input
  • Keyboard Support

Online Demo

What's New in 0.0.10

Support for .Net Core 3.0 Preview 6.

What's New in 0.0.9

Resolved Issues

  • Data Grid - A row cannot be selected on iOS.
  • Data Grid - The NullReferenceException occurs when a user edits a new row with a null row editor value.
  • Combo Box - A drop-down item cannot be selected on iOS.
  • Form Layout - The NullReferenceException occurs when the Form Layout is bound to a model with null property values.

What's New in 0.0.8

In this update, we've enhanced the Data Grid's Edit Form. New features include:

  • Cascading Combo Boxes
  • Edit Form Template
  • Input Validation

Resolved Issues

T745260 - DxDataGrid - The NullReferenceException occurs after you cancel new row editing.

What's New in 0.0.7

  • Form Layout and date editors now support Blazor Validation.
  • The Combo Box now supports NullText.
  • Our online demos now have the theme selector.

What's New in 0.0.6

Blazor Client-Side Support

What's New in 0.0.5

.NET Core 3.0 Preview 5 Support

What's New in 0.0.4

New Form Layout Component

Our new Form Layout component allows you to create responsive and automatically-aligned edit forms. The Form Layout is also integrated into our Data Grid and used as the edit form.

Online Demo

Form Layout Component for Blazor, DevExpress

New Tabs Component

Improve content organization via our new Tabs component for Blazor. Features include:

  • Data Binding
  • Groups
  • Tabbed Groups
  • Configurable label position.

Online Demo

Tabs Component for Blazor, DevExpress

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • .NET Core 3.0 Preview 4 Support
  • Product name is changed from "Razor Components" to "Blazor".

What's New in 0.0.3

  • We've updated DevExtreme.AspNet.Data to v2.2.0 to improve the overall performance.
  • We've added Bootstrap hover and select effects to Combo Box drop-down items.

Resolved Issues

  • The down arrow image is not properly aligned within the Combo Box drop-down button.
  • Date Edit Calendar - Arrow images within the month/year navigation buttons are not of the same height.

What's New in 0.0.2

Resolved Issues

Data Grid - the New command button doesn't work properly.

What's New in 0.0.1

Data Grid

A fast and responsive grid for Blazor. Features include:

  • Data Binding
  • Editing
  • Paging
  • Filtering
  • Row Selection
  • Pre-defined Column Types
  • Templates

Data Grid UI Component for Blazor, DevExpress

Pivot Grid

An Excel-inspired pivot table control engineered for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting. Its features include:

  • High performance data loading
  • Built-in aggregate functions (Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum)
  • Sorting
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Paging
  • Templates

Pivot Grid Control for Blazor Razor Components, DevExpress

Data Editors and Pager

The utility controls shipping with our Blazor suite include four individual data editor components, a multi-purpose pager, form layout and tabs. Data editors can be used as standalone controls or to edit Data Grid cell values.

  • Combo Box
  • Data Edit
  • Spin Edit
  • Text Box
  • Pager

Data Editors and Pager for Blazor Razor Components, DevExpress