What's New in Blazor Components

What's New in 21.1.6

Scheduler - Cell Customization

We added the new TimeCellTemplate property to Scheduler view classes (for example, DxSchedulerMonthView.TimeCellTemplate). You can use this property to customize content and appearance of time cells in the Scheduler.

We also introduced the HtmlCellDecoration event that allows you to customize any Scheduler cell (time cell, date header, resource header, and so on).

Date Edit - Day Cell Template

Use the Date Edit's new DayCellTemplate property to customize the content and appearance of cells in the Date Edit’s calendar.

Time Edit - Scroll Picker Format

Our Blazor Time Edit component now includes the ScrollPickerFormat property. Use this property to specify the order and composition of the Time Edit's visible scroll picker columns (hour, minute, second, and period of the day).

List Box - Single Value

We added the new Value property that allows you to bind a List Box's value to a single object. We recommend that you use this property if you want to turn off multiple item selection and allow users to select only one item at a time. Otherwise, use the Values property.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v21.1.6.

What's New in 21.1.5

Data Grid Enhancements

Data Filtering

Our Blazor Data Grid now includes a filter row that allows users to filter data by entering text within its cells. To display the filter row, set the grid's ShowFilterRow property to true.

Filter row configuration options include:

  • FilterRowOperatorType – Specifies the comparison operator used to create filter conditions (Equals, Contains, StartsWith, Greater, Less, etc.).
  • FilterRowValue - Specifies the initial value in a filter row cell.
  • FilterRowCellTemplate - Allows you to display a custom editor in a filter row cell.

We added the FilterBy and ClearFilter methods so you can apply and clear filters in code.

Filter Row - Blazor Grid | DevExpress

See Demo


Group Footer & Group Summary

Our Blazor Grid can now display footers within groups. A group footer can be displayed if it contains a summary value or custom template content.

Use the GroupFooterDisplayMode property to specify which groups display footers (all, only expanded, none).

To display group summaries in group footers, use the summary item's FooterColumnName property.

The DxGrid.ColumnGroupFooterTemplate and DxGridColumn.GroupFooterTemplate properties allow you to customize the appearance and layout of all or individual group footers.

Group Footer - Blazor Grid | DevExpress

See Demo


Column Name

Grid columns now have the Name property. Use this property to specify the column's unique identifier.


API Changes

Our Blazor Grid component now includes two types of columns:

We renamed the following properties:

Chart Enhancements

Refresh Chart Data and Rerender the Component in Code

In v21.1.5, we introduced two new methods to the Chart component:

  • RefreshData - reloads chart data and redraws the component.
  • RedrawAsync - re-renders the Chart and its child components.

ComboBox - Input Validation Enhancements

Value and display text can differ in a ComboBox component. You can use the new ValidateBy property to specify which component's property (Value or Text) is used for input validation.

Form Layout Enhancements

Group Header Customization

You can now specify a template for a group header. To do this, define the HeaderTemplate component within the group's markup, add the render fragment to the template, and wrap group items in the Items component.

To apply CSS classes to a group header, use the new 'HeaderCssClass' property.

Group Appearance Customization

To apply a CSS class to the entire group, use the new CssClass property.

Popup Enhancements

Initialization State

The Popup component cannot be shown until it is initialized. To track the initialization state from code, use the IsInitialized property. For example, you can check this property value before you call the ShowAsync(CancellationToken) method.

Button Enhancements

Navigate URL

Use the new NavigateUrl property to specify a URL where the client web browser navigates in response to a click on the button.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v21.1.5.

What's New in 21.1.4

Navigation and Layout

Menu - Data Binding

You can now bind our Blazor Menu component to a data source. Use the Data and DataMappings properties.

Demo | Documentation

Context Menu, TreeView - Bind to Flat Data

You can now bind the Blazor Context Menu and TreeView components to flat data. Use the following properties:


Popup - Close Reason

The DxPopup.Closing event's arguments now include a new property - CloseReason, which allows you to identify an action that closes the Popup. Available actions include: Programmatically, EscapePress, CloseButtonClick, and OutsideClick.

Form Layout

Disabled and Read-Only Modes at Various Layout Levels

You can now activate disabled/read-only mode for all auto-generated editors at the following Form Layout levels:

  • Form Layout component
  • Layout Group, Tab, Tab Page
  • Layout Item

Omit the Template Tag for Form Layout Items

You can now omit the <Template>...</Template> tag and specify the templates content in the item's markup. This improves the readability of the page layout code.

Blazor CheckBox

Allow/Restrict Indeterminate State

Use our new AllowIndeterminateState property to specify whether the CheckBox component supports the indeterminate state.

Wrap Mode for Long Labels

If the CheckBox label is too long to fit the parent component, use the new LabelWrapMode property to specify whether the Label's text should be wrapped or cropped.

Blazor Charts

Max Number of Automatic Scale Breaks

Use the new MaxAutoBreakCount property to limit the number of auto-created scale breaks.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v21.1.4.

Breaking Changes

  • T1001744 - TreeView, ContextMenu - Some API members related to data binding are now obsolete. A new data binding approach was introduced
  • T1007681 - Scheduler - CRUD events changed their delegate type from Action to EventCallback
  • T1003629 - The DxChartValueBreaks class is now obsolete

What's New in 21.1.3

New Rich Text Editor (CTP)

Our new Blazor Rich Text Editor (Word Processor) allows you to quickly incorporate advanced text editing functionality into your next Blazor app. You can create, open, edit, convert, save, and print rich-formatted text files (DOCX, RTF, TXT). Its features include:

  • Ribbon UI
  • Print Layout / Simple View
  • Horizontal Ruler
  • Character & Paragraph Formatting
  • Bullets & Numbering
  • Header & Footer
  • Document Sections
  • Table of Contents
  • Bookmarks & Links
  • Page Numbers
  • Fields
  • Pictures & Text Inputs
  • Undo / Redo

Demo | Get Started

New Blazor Grid (CTP)

v21.1 includes a new Blazor Grid Control (available as a CTP). To learn more about our new grid and how it fits into our long-term Blazor development strategy, please refer to the following blog post.

Blog Post | Demo

New Blazor Grid - Blazor UI | DevExpress

New Masked Input

Our new Blazor Masked Input component includes the following integrated features:

  • Text, Numeric, Date-Time, and Regular Expression Mask support
  • Read-only and Disabled States
  • Null Text
  • Clear Button

Masked Input for Blazor | DevExpress


New Report Viewer

v21.1 ships with the first-ever native Blazor Report Viewer component. The new component targets the Blazor Server platform and features the following built-in features/capabilities:

  • C# Public API
  • Print / Export
  • Toolbar UI
  • Bootstrap Theme support
  • Parameters Panel
  • Drill-Down support
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Zoom support

Get Started

Report Viewer for Blazor | DevExpress

New Project Wizard

v21.1 ships with a new Blazor Project Wizard. This wizard allows you to choose a theme and specify the Bootstrap version, localization, and other settings for your Blazor application.

Project Wizard for Blazor | DevExpress

Bootstrap 5 Support

DevExpress Blazor UI components now support Bootstrap 5. Set the global BootstrapVersion option to 'v5' and follow the migration guide to get started.

Migration to .NET 5.0

DevExpress Blazor UI components now support .NET 5.0 (exclusively). All Project Templates in the DevExpress Template Gallery have been updated to reflect this change.


Pan and Zoom

Users can now zoom and pan the chart area with the mouse wheel or touch gestures. To enable this feature, add the DxChartZoomAndPanSettings component to the Chart's markup and specify its ArgumentAxisZoomAndPanMode and ValueAxisZoomAndPanMode properties."

Pan and Zoom - Blazor Charts | DevExpress


Axis Label Format

The new ChartElementFormat class defines format settings for axis labels. You can specify various numeric and date-time formats along with format specific settings like precision. You can also use the FromLdmlString method to create the desired custom format.

Add/Remove Extra Margins to Outermost Series Points

The new EndOnTick option determines whether Chart axes begin and end on ticks.

The SideMarginsEnabled option adds extra margin space between outermost series points and chart boundaries.

Custom Chart Size

Use the Width and Height properties to specify the Chart's size.

Disable Chart Animation

To disable chart animation, add the DxChartAnimationSettings component into the Chart's markup and disable the Enabled option.

Data Aggregation

The DevExpress Blazor Chart component now offers data aggregation support. Data aggregation significantly improves rendering performance (when rendering a chart against an extremely large set of data points). Aggregation methods include: Auto, Average, Count, Financial, Max, Min, Range, and Sum.

Demo | Documentation

Data Editors

Input Masks

DevExpress Blazor data input UI components allow you to apply input masks with ease. Masks define data entry constraints and help ensure data consistency and information integrity.

Our Blazor data input UI components support the following mask types:


Move Focus to an Editor in Code

Our Blazor Data Editors include a new 'FocusAsync' method. FocusAsync allows you to focus the input field in code.

Navigation and Layout

Popup - Header, Body, and Footer Customization

Our Blazor Popup API now offers extended customization options for the following UI elements:


Popup Size

Our new MinHeight, MaxHeight, MinWidth, and MaxWidth properties allow you to explicitly define a popup's size constraints whenever a popup adapts itself to content.

You can also use the Height and Width properties to manually specify Popup size.

Run Demo

Popup Position

Use our new HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment properties to position a Popup on screen.


Popup - Show and Close Actions

In addition to the Close button, you can now press Escape or click outside the Popup's boundaries to close a Popup. This release includes two customization options - CloseOnEscape and CloseOnOutsideClick. These options can be used to disable this functionality.

Our new ShowAsync and CloseAsync methods allow you to asynchronously display and hide a Popup in code.

We've also implemented the following new events:

  • Showing - Fires before the Popup is displayed and allows you to cancel this action.
  • Shown - Fires after the Popup is displayed.
  • Closing - Fires before the Popup is closed and allows you to cancel this action.
  • Closed - Fires after the Popup is closed.


Tabs - Tab Content Render Modes

Use the new DxTabs.RenderMode property to specify how the DevExpress Blazor Tab component loads tab content. Render modes are as follows:

  • Default. Adds tab content to the DOM each time a tab is activated (replaces the content of the previously active tab).
  • All Tabs. Renders all tab content on initial load and persists it within the DOM. This mode should only be used for apps with a few tabs in its layout (as it can increase page load time).
  • On Demand. Renders tab content when a tab is activated and persists it in the DOM.

API Enhancements

Blazor Scheduler

New Month View

Our Blazor Scheduler ships with a new Month View option. The Month View includes the MonthCount property.


Month View - Blazor Scheduler | DevExpress

New Timeline View

Our new Blazor Timeline View arranges events and appointments across an easy-to-read horizontal timeline. Thanks to its flexible design, our Timeline View allows you to display multiple time rulers with different scales.


Timeline View - Blazor Scheduler | DevExpress

Appointment Tooltip Customization

You can now customize appointment/event tooltips as needed. Use the new AppointmentTooltipTemplate property to specify custom layouts and custom appearance settings for your tooltip.


Appointment Tooltip Template - Blazor Scheduler | DevExpress

Restrict User Actions

The following new options allow you to configure/control Scheduler-related actions available to end users:


API Enhancements

What's New in 20.2.6

Data Grid Enhancements

Combobox Column - Dropdown Width Modes

Content or Editor
Combobox Column - Dropdown Width Modes, Blazor Data Grid | DevExpress

Combobox Column - Dropdown Width Modes, Blazor Data Grid | DevExpress

Combobox Column - Dropdown Width Modes, Blazor Data Grid | DevExpress


Data Editors

HTML Events

Data editors based on the standard HTML input element now apply common event handlers to the input element. The following help topic lists data editors and supported event handlers: HTML Attributes and Events.

Spin Edit

You can now use the mouse wheel to change an editor's value.

Chart - Tooltip Position

The DxChartToooltip.Position property specifies whether the Chart displays tooltips inside or outside the series.


Tooltip Position - Blazor Chart | DevExpress

Scheduler Enhancements

The DxSchedulerDataStorage.RecurrenceSettings property defines common settings for all recurrent appointments.

CodeRush Templates

CodeRush now includes templates that allow you to quickly create DevExpress Blazor components in Visual Studio.

Templates for DevExpress Blazor Components

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.2.6.

Breaking Changes

T971305 - Charts - The DxChartTooltip.Enabled property should be set to true to display tooltips with templates

What's New in 20.2.5

New Menu Component

Our new Blazor Menu component includes the following features:

  • Horizontal/Vertical Orientation
  • Display Modes: Auto, Desktop, and Mobile
  • Adaptive Layout
  • Templates (menu item, item text, and item submenu)

Demo | Documentation

Menu for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Chart Enhancements

Grid Lines

With this update, our Blazor Charts can display both horizontal and vertical grid lines. Use the axis's Visible property to show/hide grid lines.

Grid Lines - Charts for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Scheduler Enhancements

New API includes the StartDateChanged event.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.2.5.

Breaking Changes

T958401 - Popup - The CloseButtonClick event - changed the delegate type from Action to EventCallback

What's New in 20.2.4

Grid Layout

Named Areas for Responsive Layouts

You can now create named areas, assign them to layout items, and place these areas in grid rows to create responsive layouts.

Demo | Documentation

Data Editors

Input CSS Classes

The new InputCssClass property allows you to apply predefined or custom CSS classes to the input element of the ComboBox, Date Edit, Spin Edit, Text Box, and Time Edit.

Memo – Text Area CSS Class

The new TextAreaCssClass property allows you to apply a predefined or custom CSS class to the Memo's text area.

Date Edit and Calendar – First Week of the Year

Use the WeekNumberRule property to specify the first week of the year in the calendar.


Authentication and Cancel Upload

Handle the new FileUploadStart event to add authentication information to upload requests, cancel an upload based on a condition or change the upload URL.

Blazor Project Templates - .NET 5.0 Support

The DevExpress Template Gallery now allows you to create a Blazor application that targets .NET 5.0.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.2.4.

Breaking Changes

  • T939823 - Scheduler - Renamed API members
  • T934943 - Reporting for Blazor - Renamed API members

What's New in 20.2.3

Support for .NET 5.0

Blazor UI Components in the DevExpress Installer

You can now use the DevExpress .NET Product Installer to install DevExpress Blazor UI Components.


Visual Studio Integration

Blazor Project Templates

DevExpress Template Gallery now includes Blazor Project Templates.


Blazor Project Templates - DevExpress Template Gallery in Visual Studio

New Grid Layout & Stack Layout

v20.2 includes two new Blazor layout components - Grid Layout and Stack Layout.

The Grid Layout is based on a two-dimensional CSS grid. It arranges layout items into rows and columns.


Grid Layout - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

The Stack Layout organizes items in a one-dimensional stack, either horizontally or vertically.


Horizontal Stack Layout - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Vertical Grid Layout - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

New Time Editor

Our new Blazor Time Edit component ships with the following built-in features/capabilities:

  • DateTime / TimeSpan binding
  • Integrated dropdown Time Picker
  • 12 / 24 Hour Format support
  • Min / Max Time support
  • Read-Only and Disabled States
  • Null Text
  • Clear Button

Demo | Documentation

Time Editor for Blazor UI - DevExpress

Layout and Navigation - Adaptivity

Breakpoints allow you to adapt page layouts to different screen resolutions.

Demo | Documentation

Adaptivity - Layout and Navigation for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

Total and Group Summaries

Our Blazor Data Grid can now compute summaries across all data rows or individual groups. Predefined aggregate functions include:

  • Sum
  • Min
  • Max
  • Avg
  • Count

Demo | Documentation

Total and Group Summaries - DataGrid for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Fixed Columns

You can now anchor columns to the left or rightmost edge of the grid. Fixed columns are never scrolled horizontally. Use the FixedStyle property to fix a column at the right or left edge.


Column Resize

End-users can now resize grid columns as needed. To enable this feature, use the ColumnResizeMode property. Resize options include:

  • NextColumn

    Next Column Resize - DataGrid for Blazor UI | DevExpress

  • Component

    Component Resize - DataGrid for Blazor UI | DevExpress

  • Disabled

Demo | Documentation

Scheduler Enhancements

Custom Appointment Form

Our new AppointmentFormLayout and AppointmentCompactFormLayout properties allow you to create a custom Appointment Form as needed.

Demo | Documentation


You can now assign resources to appointments to browse multiple schedules simultaneously.

Use our new GroupType property to group appointments by resources or dates.

Our Blazor Sheduler component integrates Resource Navigation that allows end-users to filter resource groups.

Demo | Documentation

Resources - Blazor Scheduler Component | DevExpress

Data Editors

Date Edit - Display Time

To display time values in the Date Edit component, use the new TimeSectionVisible property.


Long Mouse Click / Long Key Press Support

A long mouse click and a long key press now change the Spin Edit's value. In the ComboBox and Tag Box components, a long key press navigates through items.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.2.3.

Breaking Changes

  • T939823 - Scheduler - Renamed API members
  • T934943 - Reporting for Blazor - Renamed API members

What's New in 20.1.11

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.11.

What's New in 20.1.10

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.10.

What's New in 20.1.9

Resolved Issues

T951686 - .NET 5.0: The "Microsoft.WebTools.Shared.Exceptions.WebToolsException: Build failed." error occurs while publishing a project with v20.1.8

What's New in 20.1.8

.NET 5.0 Support

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.8.

What's New in 20.1.7

.NET Core 3.1.8 Support

DevExpress Project Templates

You can now create Blazor Server and WebAssembly apps based on DevExpress project templates:

  • DevExpress Blazor Server App
  • DevExpress Blazor WebAssembly App
  • DevExpress Blazor Hosted WebAssembly App

Project templates include:

  • References to the DevExpress Blazor NuGet package and DevExpress resources
  • Sidebar Navigation based on DevExpress TreeView
  • DevExpress DataGrid Component
  • DevExpress Blazing Berry Theme


Project Templates - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

A new PopupEditFormHeaderText property allows you to specify the popup Edit Form's title.

DataGrid Popup Edit Form - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Editors Enhancements

Date Edit


We added a new Calendar.VisibleDateChanged event. This event fires each time month or year changes.

ComboBox, TagBox, ListBox

You can now specify custom column captions for multi-column editors. Use the DxListEditorColumn.Caption property.


Multi-Column ComboBox - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Disabled State

Our data editor now includes a new option - Enabled. Turn off this option to disable an editor. Users cannot interact with disabled editors and change their values/states.

Form Layout Enhancements

Toolbar Enhancements

We added a new option - CloseMenuOnClick. This option specifies whether to close a sub-menu once a user clicks its item.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.7.

Breaking Changes

T933584 - Date Edit - The DateEdit_AdaptiveDatePickerNotification localization string has been replaced with the DateEdit_DisabledDateNotification and DateEdit_OutOfRangeNotification strings

What's New in 20.1.6

.NET Core 3.1.7 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.1 Support

New Memo Component

Our new Memo component for Blazor includes the following features:

  • Bind to Data
  • Custom Size
  • Resize Modes (Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Clear Button and Null Text
  • Read-only State

Demo | Documentation

Memo Component for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

New Popup Edit Form

End-users can now edit column values within a popup form. To activate Popup Edit Form mode, set the EditMode property to PopupEditForm.

Demo | Documentation

Popup Edit Form - Data Grid for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Scheduler Enhancements

Appointment Templates

You can now customize appointemnt appearance via templates. New templates include:

Demo | Documentation

Appointment Templates - Blazor Scheduler | DevExpress

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to add custom data to appointments and labels.



New API allows you to assign CSS classes to appointment labels and status.

Data Editors Enhancements

ComboBox, TagBox, ListBox

Calendar Enhancements

  • Date Validation
  • Nullable DateTime Support
  • Bind to a Date (Documentation)

Input Element ID

A new InputId property allows you to specify an input element's unique identifier (ID). Supported by CheckBox, ComboBox, DateEdit, SpinEdit, and TagBox.

Form Layout Enhancements

You can now assign CSS classes to layout items and captions of items, tab pages, and groups.

Event Processing

We've changed a delegate type from Action to EventCallback in several components.

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.6.

Breaking Changes

  • T921319 - API members from the majority of base classes have been moved to descendant classes
  • T920147 - Specific events have changed their delegate type from Action to EventCallback
  • T900424 - Calendar - The DateExpression property has been replaced with the SelectedDateExpression and SelectedDatesExpression properties
  • T900084 - Calendar - The DxCalendar class and specific API members have become generic-typed
  • T921360 - The ComboBox, List Box, and TagBox components' API and declaration have been changed
  • T921348 - Data Grid field-related properties have been renamed
  • T921344 - Form Layout - The DxFormLayoutItem.CaptionFor property value is no longer assigned to the ID property of editors in the template
  • T917294 - Pivot Grid - The PivotGridSummaryType.NotSet enumeration value has been removed and the SummaryType default value has been changed to Sum
  • T905067 - The DxDataGridColumn.AllowSort and DxDataGridColumn.EditorVisible property's value type has been changed from DefaultBoolean to nullable Boolean

What's New in 20.1.5

.NET Core 3.1.5 Support

Data Grid Enhancements

  • You can now disable individual cells in the Filter Row and prohibit filtering in corresponding grid columns. Documentation

  • New ComboBox column options include:

    Incremental Filtering
    End-users can filter list items dynamically, based upon the text typed into the editor's input box. Filter modes include: Contains and StartsWith.


    DataGrid: Incremental Filtering - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

    Virtual List Render
    In this new mode, the ComboBox renders list items displayed in the viewport. Use Virtual mode to render long lists faster.

Data Editors Enhancements

ComboBox, TagBox - Drop-Down Width Modes

Content or Editor Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Content Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Editor Width
ComboBox: Drop-Down Width Mode - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Demo | Documentation

Calendar, Date Edit - Min/Max Dates

Demo | Documentation: MinDate | Documentation: MaxDate

Calendar: Min/Max Dates - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Toolbar Enhancements

Our Blazor Toolbar component can now display drop-down lists in a modal dialog.

Demo | Documentation

Toolbar: Show DropDown Lists in a Modal Window - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Upload Enhancements

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of issues resolved in v20.1.5.

Breaking Changes

  • T903275 - Data Grid - The filter row has become hidden by default
  • T899859 - ComboBox and TagBox - The default width of the drop-down lists has been changed
  • T899965 - Date Edit - The first day of a week has become culture-dependent

What's New in 20.1.4

.NET Core 3.1.4 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0

We issued support for .NET Core 3.1.4 and Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Release.

New Reporting for Blazor *

DevExpress Reports now supports Blazor and ships with a Document Viewer and feature-rich End-User Report Designer.

*Important Note: Though DevExpress Reports supports Blazor, it is not included in our Blazor UI component distribution. To use DevExpress Reports within your Blazor application/project, you must purchase a DevExpress Subscription (Reporting Subscription, ASP.NET Subscription, DXperience, or Universal). For more information on what's included in our product subscriptions, please refer to the following product matrix.

Document Viewer

  • Preview and Print Documents
  • Export to PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV, Image
  • Page Navigation and Bookmarks
  • Editing
  • Search
  • Skeleton Screen
  • Multi-Page View
  • Full-Screen Mode

Demo: Document Viewer for Blazor   Documentation

Document Viewer for Blazor | DevExpress

Report Designer

  • Various Report Types (Table Report, Master-Detail Report, Invoice Report, Vertical Report, etc.)
  • 20+ Report Controls (including a Pivot Table and Charts)
  • Bind to Data (SQL, JSON, Excel, XPO and Object Data Sources)
  • Federated Data Source (integrate different data sources and get uniform data access with a federated query)
  • Data Source Wizard and Query Builder
  • Report Wizard
  • Integrated Document Viewer
  • Bookmarks and Document Map
  • Data Grouping, Sorting and Drill Down
  • Calculated Fields and Report Parameters
  • Skeleton Screen
  • Appearance Customization

Demo: Report Designer for Blazor   Documentation

Report Designer for Blazor | DevExpress

New Toolbar Component

Our new responsive Toolbar component for Blazor allows you to build intuitive and easy-to-navigate apps. It supports the following command types:

  • Button
  • Drop-Down List
  • Check Item
  • Radio Group
  • Link

Demo: Toolbar for Blazor   Documentation

Toolbar for Blazor UI | DevExpress

New Context Menu Component

Our new Blazor Context Menu component ships with the following features:

  • Bind to Data
  • Unbound Mode
  • Item Groups
  • Appearance Customization

Demo: Context Menu for Blazor   Documentation

Context Menu for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Sizing (Density) - Small, Medium, Large

With this update, you can control how components and their elements are spaced and sized. You can specify a global option that affects the sizing of all components in your Blazor app, or specify sizing for individual components.

DevExpress Blazor UI includes three sizing scales: small, medium, and large.


Size Modes - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

Column Chooser

The Column Chooser allows a user to show/hide and reorder grid columns.

Demo | Documentation

Column Chooser - Data Grid for Blazor UI, DevExpress

Header Template

Header Template - Data Grid for for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Demo | Documentation

Charts Enhancements

Charts for Blazor UI | DevExpress

Data Editors Enhancements

Resolved Issues

See our Version History for a complete list of resolved issues.

Breaking Changes

  • T874276 - The default size of some components was changed
  • T874276 - Data Grid - Format-related properties of the Spin Edit and Date Edit columns have been renamed
  • T875624 - TreeView - Click on a node's expand/collapse button no longer invokes an action associated with a click on the node itself
  • T878784 - TreeView - The TreeViewNodeInfo class has been moved to an internal namespace
  • T874294 - The default date format is now culture-dependent
  • T874294 - Form Layout - The ValueEditingContext class has been renamed to ValueEditContext