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About the Company

SunsetDev Software Solutions creates software. Whether it's an app to promote an idea, a business solution to improve system processes, or some kind of CRM system...they will get you started.

SunsetDev Software is committed to finding creative solutions for their clients and creating beautiful interfaces along the way.

Why did you choose Developer Express?

Live Score ended up with a great hybrid system of WinForms and WPF. The whole framework around the scoreboard section is built with DevExpress components that provide all kinds of controls needed for settings and configurations.

The two most important things DevExpress helped with were: Skins/themes and awesome docking components which were necessary for this software. Not a lot of time was spent designing the Windows application, which is incredible when talking about “time to market.”

Project Description

Live Score is software for professional sports teams that helps to display scoreboards on TV programs, live streams, team websites or anywhere else. The system contains a Windows application for hosting the scoreboard layouts and remote controls apps for iPhone and iPad.

DevExpress WinForms and WPF in SunsetDev Live Score

The idea was that users would be able to control the scoreboards with their iOS devices. This makes it possible to not only change scores without being bound to a certain place in the stadium, but also teams can work simultaneously on multiple devices. The resulting scoreboard can then be used for TV broadcasts or live streams. The user is not limited to streaming technologies: Live Score also provides the possibility for FTP uploads, auto-refreshing web widgets for websites and a lot more.

DevExpress WinForms and WPF in SunsetDev Live Score

These features make it possible to distribute live progress of a game easily to a variety of destinations and platforms with a single touch on a remote control. The worldwide unique system is designed for sports teams that want to provide amazing live experiences for their fans but also for professionals who want to produce high quality broadcasts.

DevExpress WinForms and WPF in SunsetDev Live Score

What challenges were overcome using Developer Express?

One challenge was the Color Management system. Creating an RGB picker with all the gradients, previews and saturation settings was not something that could be done easily; besides, there was no time for that with all other features and "To Do's" looming.

We had recently stumbled upon the internal Color-Dialog of the DevExpress Color Picker which wasn't available as a public control. However, we wanted to use it and extended it with delegate events for automatic previews when changing a color inside that panel. The DevExpress support received was an amazing sample including access to the internal class and how to extend it with delegates. With that, the feature worked in no time - even with a (very short) support delay. That speaks for itself!

Would you recommending DevExpress to a friend?

There has been a big change in the last couple of years. Software has to not only to work the way it is supposed to, it also needs to look good. When software is used, it has to impress with an awesome design and great usability. DevExpress helps to bring that satisfaction to customers with stunning, beautiful, and easy to use award-winning component suites. So go for it--just do it—it's worth every cent.

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