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UKIGMO is a Japanese IT consulting company established in 2019. UKIGMO primarily utilizes Microsoft technologies/platforms such as .net, Azure, SQL Server, etc. to develop business applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. UKIGMO's founder has more than 20 years of development experience and more than 10 years of experience with DevExpress tools.

Project Name - It's Coooool

It's Coooool was built for the apparel industry. It leverages XAF (Cross-Platform .NET App UI) and all its capabilities to connect apparel warehouses, manufacturers and retails with one another. Through its intuitive interface, organizations that adopt It's Coooool can more effectively manage their supply chain, understand quantities desired by dealers, control warehouse capacity, and accurately determine the number/timing of shipments that must be made by the manufacturer. Prior to It's Coooool, this process was cumbersome and error-prone – as many organizations within the apparel industry relied on Excel files to communicate supply chain realities.

It's Coooool - UKIGMO | DevExpress Case-Study

Why did you choose to invest in DevExpress technologies?

Before choosing XAF, UKIGMO's founder relied on individual reports and UI components from multiple vendors. Though this development strategy addressed basic problems, it failed to provide unity in both appearance and programming model. Additionally, using individual UI components was inefficient. By switching to DevExpress, we were able to incorporate a wide range of UI controls and maintain control over their appearance within our business solutions. UI consistency and elegance had made us a big fan of DevExpress tools.

Why did you choose XAF?

I chose DevExpress because XAF is so good. Thanks to XAF's screen/UI generation capabilities, we were able to respond to spec changes very quickly. Said differently, XAF made it easy for us to update UI elements on each screen (as our specification evolved throughout the development process). We were also impressed by XAF's Role and User Management infrastructure – this capability allowed us to spend more time on business logic and less time on building basic app functionality.

XAF: It's Coooool | DevExpress Case-Study

Of course, the need to view Excel images was also a big plus.

XAF - Export to Excel: It's Coooool | DevExpress Case-Study

Describe a specific project challenge you overcame using XAF.

Our system uses three roles: store, warehouse, and manufacturer. As you can imagine, we needed to control the screens and items that can be seen for each role. Without XAF's Role and User Management features, it would have taken a lot of time to create the appropriate solution for our users. XAF solved this problem instantly.

What benefits did XAF deliver?

XAF offered us countless benefits. In our opinion, everyone should consider XAF when creating business applications. As mentioned previously, with XAF's ability to auto-generate app screens, we were able to quickly create a prototype and demonstrate our solution to customers. DevExpress is also flexible and easy to customize.

We definitely recommend XAF to the .NET developer community.

Masato Ubukata - UKIGMO

Developer: Masato Ubukata
Company Name: UKIGMO
App Name: It's Coooool
Company Website:
DevExpress Products Used: XAF - App Framework

It's Coooool - UKIGMO