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After downloading and installing each product suite, one emerged as the hands-down favorite, DXperience Enterprise Subscription from DevExpress.

The DevExpress product suite was easy to install and we are able to get up to speed on the package in an extremely short matter of time. The documentation of the components is bar-none the best product documentation that I've encountered in a 3rd party package. The website and product installation had numerous tutorials and code samples to help a beginner, as well as short video clips demonstrating the product's features. This type of attention to detail is invaluable when learning a new product suite as vast as DXperience Enterprise Subscription. The other products tested had adequate documentation; however, the DevExpress documentation clearly goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The DevExpress Grid and Editors are amazing. They have Windows and Web (ASP.NET) counterparts and there's no need to learn 2 separate components for each paradigm. The grid and editors provide advanced, yet easy-to-use, user interface components for our customers. This easy transition definitely gives DevExpress a leg-up on its competition. The ASP.NET components, such as the ASPxMenu, ASPxTabControl, ASPxNewsControl, and ASPxNavBar, make developing and delivering high-quality visually compelling websites a breeze. What used to be done by hand or using a clunky 3rd party solution is now a snap and can be accomplished in a very short period of time.

The reporting and charting suites, XtraReports and XtraCharts, are phenomenal. If you come from a Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports reporting-world, getting up to speed with the DevExpress reports designer is a no-brainer. The DevExpress development team obviously gets what it's like to be a developer in today's fast-paced web world and strives to make our development challenges easier to accomplish.

My personal favorite items in the DXperience Enterprise Subscription are the IDE productivity tools, CodeRush and Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET. The way these two products allow you to navigate your code, generate new code, and overall increase your productivity is truly exceptional. Once a developer uses these products for a couple of weeks, they will find it very hard to use a Visual Studio .NET installation without CodeRush or Refactor! Pro installed. The competing products we reviewed had absolutely nothing that could compare to CodeRush or Refactor! Pro.

The final piece of the puzzle that sealed the deal on our choice of standardizing on the DXperience Enterprise Subscription package was the support provided by DevExpress. The newsgroups, knowledge base, on-line documentation, screencasts, and community provided support were outstanding, and in my opinion the best on the market. No one likes to be frustrated when facing a coding challenge, and the fact that DevExpress has gone to extraordinary lengths to help alleviate such obstacles is extremely comforting.

Thanks DevExpress!
Brian Simmons
Web Developer
Children's Board of Hillsborough County