Acuere Software

11 May 2017

About Acuere Software

Acuere Software has been in business for over 2 years, and services a customer base of over 350. Our product offerings range from StudioGear to GearGawker and ServiceMinder.

Project Description

ServiceMinder is a platform for managing small field service businesses, like carpet cleaners, painters, landscape lighting and electrical contractors, HVAC service/repair companies, tree trimmers, window cleaners, etc. Basically, any business where the primary service is sending technicians to someone's home or business and scheduling work. We help with scheduling as well as the entire prospect/customer lifecycle with built in proposals/estimates, electronic signature, credit card processing and marketing tracking. We can even push the invoice data to QuickBooks and other accounting packages.

Why Did You Choose DevExpress?

I was already using DevExpress on other projects, so was familiar with the components. As an example, I had used DevExpress on some WinForms projects and so when starting this project, looked to DevExpress for ASP.NET MVC extensions. The grid in particular is very feature rich and performs well. There are other free grids available, but none have the breadth of capabilities of the DevExpress Grid component.

How did DevExpress save you time and resources?

The time saved was at least one to two months, easy. It was a drop in solution. Once I figured out how to interface with it in MVC and get the partials set up, it was very quick and easy to use all over the product for displaying grid/table data where I needed paging and sorting. Compared to the number of hours it would take to add the missing features to a free component, this was a no-brainer decision. Additionally, I was able to go from concept to a demo-able project and start the sales process after just a few months of coding.

John Keene
Acuere Software LCC