Official Sponsor of PDC 2003 - Pre-Conference Setup

Sunday, Oct 26, 2003 - Below are a few images from our booth prior to the start of the conference.

Our Code Challenge Area

After Bill Gates' keynote on Monday, the exhibit hall will open and amongst the tools we will be demonstrating is CodeRush for .NET. To help show what CodeRush brings to the table, Mark Miller will be inviting people to participate in a code challenge - for a chance to step in the Money Booth (see picture below) and win some cash. Mark will be using CodeRush in conjunction with VS and the challenger will be using VS standalone. The audience will select the challenge and if the challenger beats Mark, they get to step into the money booth for 30 seconds. To help even things up, Mark will be handicapped in one way or another - either in a straight jacket, handcuffs, coke bottle glasses, etc.

Our goal at PDC is to clearly show that with CodeRush, you can code at the speed of thought regardless of the challenges you face...

Money Grab Booth

The Front of Our Booth

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