Official Sponsor of PDC 2003 - Day One

Day one at the PDC began with Bill Gates' standing room only keynote address.

The exhibit hall opened at 12pm sharp and throughout the day crowds of developers huddled around Mark Miller as he demonstrated CodeRush for Visual Studio® .NET and our component technologies.

To demonstrate the code-crafting tools which will ship with CodeRush for Visual Studio® .NET, we decided to incorporate a code challenge into Mark's presentations...the challenge was to build a simple set of classes - Mark would use CodeRush with Visual Studio® .NET and the challenger would only be able to use Visual Studio® .NET. At first, we didn't think many people would volunteer, but once we described the handicaps Mark would have, a few brave individuals stepped up to take the challenge.

Here, Richard Morris describes the rules of the challenge and Mark's handicap - to code only using chopsticks.

As you can see in the image below, Mark did in fact use chopsticks to code...

You might be asking yourself, did Mark win or loose while using chopsticks to code? Well he won in all cases and the only person who even came close to him, did not properly complete the challenge. To reward the brave volunteers who took the challenge, we allowed them the opportunity to step into the money booth and grab some cash!

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