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Text Formatting
Character and Paragraphs
Pre-built text formatting dialogs.
Character and Paragraphs

Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italics, underlined, strike-through style, and different colors for background and foreground. Hidden text is supported.

The DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control ships with complete set of pre-built text formatting dialogs.

Bulleted / Numbered
The DevExpress Rich Edit Control makes it easy to create bulleted and numbered lists in your documents to outline and arrange text. You can create a list from existing paragraphs, or you can turn on the list feature and type the list as you go. You can use any character you like for the bullets in a bulleted list.
Table management UI inspired by Microsoft Word®.
The DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control fully supports tables - you can nest tables, split and merge table cells, insert and remove rows, and apply borders and shading to individual cells. End-users have access to a Microsoft Word® style table management UI, thus supporting many of the table management features you expect from a text editor.
Floating Objects
Pictures and Text Boxes
Floating Objects
Whether its pictures or text boxes, your RTF documents can include any number of floating objects, with full rotation support. Objects within a document can be anchored in one of two ways: either inline, which means that the object is displayed within the text stream, or floating. Floating means that the object is strictly positioned, absolutely or relatively within the document, regardless of the text flow. Multiple predefined text wrapping styles are available.
Inline Images
Working with images gets simpler.
Inline Images
Images can be placed in your document in two ways: either inline or floating. Inline images are treated exactly like a character of text, which means their position is constrained to the lines of text on the page.
"Of all of the tools that I purchase and maintain, the DevExpress tools are the most valuable. The price is reasonable, the tools are fabulous and your support, in the rare case that it is needed, is stellar." Al MoskowitzIntelliMedSoft
Editing & Clipboard Operations
Find & Replace
Search for a specific word or phrase within a document.
Find & Replace
The built-in Find and Replace dialog allows end-users to search for a specific word or phrase within a document (the Find tab of the dialog) or search for specific text and automatically replace it with the desired string (the Replace tab of the dialog).
Undo / Redo
Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y
Undo / Redo

You can perform unlimited Undo and Redo operations in DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control.

To undo an action, on the File tab, in the Common group, click the Undo button, or press CTRL+Z, or press ALT+BACKSPACE. To redo an action, click the Redo button, or press CTRL+Y, or press ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACE.

Spell Checking
Built-in spell checking support.
Spell Checking
Powered by our VCL Spell Checker, the Rich Edit Control ships with built-in spell checking support, which includes check as you go error detection. Microsoft Word inspired spell check dialogs can be fully customized to meet any business requirement.
Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
Navigate a long document with ease.
Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
Bookmarks and links allow you to quickly navigate to a specific spot instead of scrolling through several paragraphs or pages within a long or complex document.
"I just wanted to thank you and all of your team for making my life easier and for producing a most remarkable suite of software that in my opinion is un-paralleled anywhere." Robert Harris
Layout, Navigation & Document Management
Document Views
Simple, Draft and Print Layout
Document Views
Our VCL Rich Edit Control offers 3 distinct document display modes. By using Document Views, you can quickly switch between Simple, Draft and Print Layout. These commands are available on the View Tab of the Ribbon or if you prefer, Views can be changed in code.
Headers & Footers
Keep longer documents organized.
Headers & Footers
Headers and footers can help keep longer documents organized and make them easier to read. Text entered in the header or footer will appear on each page of the document.
Multi-Column Layout
Create newsletter columns.
Multi-Column Layout
Columns and column breaks can improve your document's organization, increase its readability and utilize all of the available space on the page.
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Line Numbering
Insert line numbers to your documents.
Line Numbering
The DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control allows you to insert line numbers to your documents. Line numbering can be applied on a per-paragraph basis to selected paragraphs or the entire document. Font face and color are specified using the Line Number document style.
Mail Merge
Create multiple documents at once.
Mail Merge
The DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control provides the Mail Merge feature that simplifies the creation of a set of documents that are similar but contain unique and variable data elements by linking a database that contains those data elements to a document.
Document Protection
Enforce editing restrictions.
Document Protection

The DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control allows you to keep your important documents password-protected protected from any unauthorized use. If you choose Protect Document on the Review tab, you can make a document read only or restrict a user to make only comments.

With document protection, you can make only certain parts of the document editable and users will not be able to modify data in any other region in the document.

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Additional Info

The most powerful VCL Data Grid

The most popular data grid for the VCL platform is only available from DevExpress. From standard two-dimensional tables to runtime grouping and column customization; from master-detail relationships to card views; from integrated themes to unbound mode... The DevExpress VCL Grid Suite is the industry standard, without equal in the marketplace. Learn more

Straightforward Localization

DevExpress VCL Subscriptions ship with a localization component and a standalone Localizer Application, which allows end-users to generate translations for individual components. A number of ready-to-use translations have been published and can be downloaded via the DevExpress Support Center. Search the Support Center

The richest collection of VCL Data Editors

From masked data input and built-in data validation to HTML formatting, the VCL Data Editors Library offers unmatched data editing options whether used for standalone data editing or as cell editors in container controls like the DevExpress VCL Data Grid. Learn more

The easy-to-use VCL Reporting

Render and print your UI without writing a single line of code and deliver a nearly unlimited set of reports without using a banded report designer.

VCL Themes and App Skins

The DevExpress VCL Subscription ships with over 40 custom-designed and highly-polished themes for your next Delphi & C++Builder application.

Built-in, easy-to-use Application Templates

The DevExpress VCL Subscription includes a series of application templates so you can hit the ground running and create application shells that mimic some of today's most popular applications.

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