ASP.NET Security Best Practices

19 February 2019

This webinar has been completed and recorded. To start the webinar video, use the player below or follow this link.

Beginner (100)
Julian Bucknall
Paul Usher

Join CTO Julian Bucknall and Technical Evangelist Paul Usher as they explore how to ensure your website is secure with some best practices surrounding DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • protect your site and users when uploading files
  • stop XSS (cross site scripting) being used to hijack information
  • ensure reports and dashboards are visible to the correct user/groups
  • prevent cross site request forgeries (CSRF)

This presentation will cover examples for both ASP.NET MVC & WebForms and includes example code to allow you to test your existing sites.