A Truly Multi-Platform Data Grid

The DevExpress FMX Data Grid was designed and optimized for FireMonkey and cross-platform development. The DevExpress FMX Data Grid ships with high-impact features so you can deliver elegant cross-platform apps that run (and look) natively on Windows, Android, and macOS.


Getting Started

FMX Data Grid - Delphi VCL | DevExpress
FMX Data Grid - Mobile App, Delphi VCL | DevExpress

Master-Detail Layout

Easy-to-Configure Master-Detail Support

With our FMX Data Grid, you can display master-detail relationships of any complexity - with unlimited nesting and detail levels. The DevExpress FMX Grid does not limit how information you can display for each detail record - Detail Rows can display any type of information.

FMX Data Grid: Master-Detail View - Delphi VCL | DevExpress

Table and Layout Views

View-based Architecture Inside

Our FMX Table View emulates the look, feel, and behavior of the Microsoft Outlook grid and displays information using a standard table UI metaphor. Our FMX Grid's UI flexibility allows you to deliver custom user experiences with integrated runtime configuration options - giving users total control over the display of data within your cross-platform app.

The Grid's LayoutView allows you to build responsive and adaptive grid layouts. The grid can automatically resize or rearrange cells as its width changes.

TableView and LayoutView - FMX Data Grid,  Delphi VCL | DevExpress

Customizable UX

Comprehensive Editing and Customization

  • Data Editing
  • Cell Value Formatting
  • Column Auto-Width
  • Column Persistence
  • Context Menu
  • Data Filtering
  • Custom Filtering API
  • Multi-Column Sorting
  • Outlook-inspired Grouping
  • Focused Row / Keyboard Navigation
  • Resize and Reorder Columns
  • Show / Hide Columns
MX Data Grid: Grouping, Sorting, Filtering - Delphi VCL | DevExpress

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