The Ultimate Test Runner

Organize, Navigate, Filter, Run & Debug Like a Pro

Effortlessly group, filter, and organize your test cases to match your testing style and needs. Quickly find important tests. Display only failed tests. Group tests by project, namespace or file.

This ultimate test runner has professional tools you need to complete your test runs faster than ever.

The Ultimate Test Runner - CodeRush | DevExpress

In-source Test Elements

Run, Debug and Get Unit Test Status
Right in the Code

CodeRush's Test Run icons (next to test cases and fixtures in the code) show test run results (pass/fail/ignore/etc.), while also providing access to all the test run and debug operations you want inside the Code Editor – no need to switch away from the code to another window.

You can run and debug all tests in test fixture, individual tests or even individual cases for parametrized tests. And CodeRush reveals see the exact place in the code where an assertion failed. The in-source UI means fewer distractions and more productivity.

Code Editor UI Elements - CodeRush | DevExpress

Output Window

Analyze, Export and Share Test Run Results

The CodeRush Unit Test Runner goes way beyond the uninteresting experience you'll find in other test runners (including the test runner that's already built into the IDE). For example, our results window highlights difference in strings to help get your eyes on exactly what's wrong faster. And test run results appear in the Visual Studio Output window, in the Code Editor with icons and tooltips for unit tests and test fixtures, and in the Test Runner window. Wherever you choose to look for your test run results, you'll find them easily.

You can copy error messages and test results so you can easily attach them to GitHub issues. And you can export test run results to XML and other formats to share results with the team.

Output Window - CodeRush | DevExpress

Code Coverage Window

Reveal the Exposed Parts of Your Code
(Not Covered by Unit Tests)

CodeRush's Code Coverage analysis shows which parts of your code are covered by unit tests, and which parts are exposed (a potential source of errors and instability). Performing code coverage analysis regularly is a best practice that can improve code quality. CodeRush helps you find and cover exposed code efficiently and easily.

Code Coverage Window - CodeRush | DevExpress


Group Unit Tests to Focus on Work in Progress

The CodeRush Test Runner makes it easy to organize and focus on related groups of tests, called Test Sessions. Test Sessions persist across Visual Studio launches, and make you more productive by only running test cases in the Session, so you can quickly see the impact of recent changes.

Sessions - CodeRush | DevExpress

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