About the Company

Ultima was founded in Russia in 2008. The product had already been created and deployed in 2004 to automate business processes for fast growing companies. In the years that followed, Ultima Businessware Platform was released along with eCommerceERP and eServiceERP solutions. In 2013 Ultima released a completely reimagined version aimed at the partner network distribution. At the time of this case study Ultima has more than 40 developers, 5 partners, more than 20 clients.

Describe Your Project

Ultima Businessware is a platform for ERP II solutions aimed at mid (from 100 users) to large-sized companies designed to meet modern standards, handle high transaction load, ease business process development as well as change management. The Platform provides all the tools for the developer to maintain online system changes, configure, and user support. eCommerceERP and eServiceERP are solutions for businesses in e-commerce and service respectively. By providing great optimized user experience Ultima Businessware helps users to learn new features that saves money on product deployment.

Choosing DevExpress Components

We decided to use DevExpress components from the very beginning of the project to provide best UI experience to our customers. Additionally, DevExpress has project support, that helps improve time to market using "all in one" components. Most importantly, DevExpress has what customers are requesting.

Customers require and ask for more and more configurable and flexible UI with the newer features, such as: filters, charts, dashboards and so on. Many developers are familiar with DevExpress Components, so that let us hire developers to start developing new features in a very short time frame.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using DevExpress tools

Ultima had a business need to create multiple forms for our customers. With DevExpress components we've made several forms such as Truck Track, Unit Tests, Ribbon configurator, Run time report editor, and highly customizable grids. Truck track is a special form for real-time truck tracking showing current position on the map. With XtraMap we've also made an area editor for shipping price calculation, all the data can be shown on the map simultaneously. Unit test is the integrated framework for business login unit testing. With XtraTreeGrid and XtraGrid we made a convenient interface presenting the results of test runs. Ribbon configurator is a tool to configure the ribbon based on DevExpress component in run time. Joining the power of XtraTree, grids and ribbon components we’ve managed to create a handy interface for runtime interface customization. Functionality provided by the XtraReport component allows the developers to draw reports in runtime and provide it to the end-users.

What benefits have you experienced from using Developer Express tools?

DevExpress components provides a solid solution and saved a lot of hours on component integration and customizations. Great looking components provide a professional user interface. Layout control helps split design and logic so developers and UI designers can do their work simultaneously. Customizable UI helps end-users do their best to optimize the interface for their needs.

Ultima Businessware
Ultima Businessware