About the AVM

TURNRIVER Group is a company that has been founded by IT professionals with a vision that an IT company can deliver reliable products within budget and time constrains for medium and large organizations. We are true to this vision up to this day.

TURNRIVER achieves this vision by treating each client and their needs as they were our own. Each Projects is approached in a complex manner, we not only provide a technological solution, but we understand the business needs that face our client. We boast a variety of specialists that allows our client to receive a product with rich feature set, stable, well performing, and proper user Interface and user experience.

Systems that we are featuring within this case study are very large installation. We have built one of the biggest Order Management System for major Telecommunication operator using DevExpress MVC on the domestic market and Advanced Visual Management tool to users around the world for an international network equipment vendor.

How Did You Choose DevExpress Components?

TURNRIVER evaluates frameworks under the following categories: standardization, market share, vendor support, knowledge support, features, functionality, time to learn frame work, and development speed. DevExpress emerged as an unchallenged winner. As with most projects, we are faced with a number of limitations set by the project requirement. The framework needed to be stable and flexible at the same time.

Describe Your Project

We have selected two projects to showcase: the most challenging and successful systems. Both where .NET MVC solution using DevExpress framework and both had their counterparts written in legacy technologies. Everyone at TURNRIVER knew of the challenges and expectations from the users, the new systems have to be as "good as" or "better" than the existing systems. In one of the projects enthusiasm was on the graphical presentation of data, grid manipulation, drill down features, and data alteration or addition. This Advanced Visual Management tool analyzes large amounts of data from around the world and allows users to analyze and compare data using advanced customizable chart generation, with full data, user management and security.

Second project is a system based on a very successful desktop installation at a very large telecommunication provider. This very large Order Management System was written from scratch using DevExpress MVC, but with the feel of a desktop application. This provided a set of development challenges, but resulted in an extraordinary system. The system had a very complicated navigation implementation and over 120 screen popups and system dynamic add-ons. Additionally, it has complex user management, data access, data filtering and custom processing workflows, automated information dispatch and security within the system. The system has a large amount of consecutive users that realize the business critical processes.

Describe a Project Challenge that was Overcome Using DevExpress

Advanced Visual Tool is a big effort made for a customized master grid, our implementation of grid functionality can expand each of the columns vertically and horizontally. We have also integrated one grid into another grid, and now users are able to open additional information directly from nested grids. Also we provide functionality to freezing columns, which always is visible even if the grid is moved up and down or left to right by scrolls. Another feature that stands out in the Advanced Visual Tool is a set of charts. In some cases they are built from two different default charts provided by DevExpress. To achieve this effect we are using default charts, stacked line and side by side full stacked bar with our advanced customizations. This solution provided a perfect mix, which was a requirement of our client. Each chart and grid in the Advanced Visual Tool has an advanced filtering mechanism that allows users to customize values for charts and grids.

The second system has a special connection between master grid and fields with tabs below. Users are able to change values in the grids by inserting data in particular controls in their designated tabs. Advance filters allow for initial grid filters, which are customized directly from the file builder control. System includes a possibility to search particular rows in grid without filtering the rest of the data. User can easily find a particular row in a grid without changing the order in the entire grid structure. Filtering changing structure of the records, in some cases, additional efforts have been made to add desktop functionality to web system. For example: double clicking or pop-up sequence control. System has an advanced dynamic extension module, this feature allows you to extend the functionality of the system without the need for code recompilation and stoppage of the services provided to the end users.

What Benefits are Experienced Using DevExpress Tools?

Time to market, our development speed is increased around 30% on average. Standardized components provides a professional application that can be developed by large number of professionals; from analysts, UI designers, developers.

How Did DevExpress Help Improve Time to Market/Delivery?

Creating advanced grids and charts with extraordinary data sets is quite tough, with DevExpress framework we were able to make it faster. Graphic presentation of the data is very easy to develop and shows us the real power of the tool. We have done six projects with DevExpress, which lasts something about year for each in development. In this scale of IT projects we can say: DevExpress has saved us hundreds of hours of development time.


"Advanced Visual Management" and "Order Management System" projects