About TGSoft

TGSoft has been an innovator in Poland’s IT market for nearly 25 years, creating software for small businesses and for public sector entities. TGSoft technologies are used to manage company operations via a fully integrated set of ten ERP modules. Throughout its history, TGSoft has continually adapted and evolved its systems to leverage the best available platforms. From its first systems using Clipper ’87 to its most recent suite which is powered by Visual Studio .NET, TGSoft is focused on delivering powerful line of business applications that address customer needs in a focused and efficient manner.

Project Description

TGSoft’s flagship product is called Sz@rk and was built to address the needs and requirements of small business operations with features such as order fulfilment, accountancy and tax management, account settlement, human resource management, asset management, CRM and business analysis. The system can be used both locally and via remote connections.

The first release of Sz@rk was written in Delphi and its newest modules were built using the .NET Framework (WinForms platform). Additionally, new web based modules are powered by ASP.NET.

Why Did TGSoft Choose DevExpress?

After using a number of different third-party tools with unsatisfactory results, TGSoft standardized its product on DevExpress VCL Components and was able to deliver a feature rich and highly consistent UI across its entire application suite. Today, TGSoft relies on a broad range of .NET controls from DevExpress for both the WinForms and ASP.NET platforms.

TGSoft chose DevExpress because it offers stable controls that are easy-to use and accessible for programmers. The comprehensive set of UI controls that ship as part of the DevExpress product subscription allows TGSoft to build the solutions customers require. Simply said, the rich set of UI options and built-in functionality of DevExpress controls helps TGSoft deliver elegant and highly functional applications in a short time frame.

Thanks to the continuous development and innovations in the DevExpress product line, TGSoft is able to offer new solutions to its customer and continue to enhance the value of its systems. Recently, TGSoft integrated the DevExpress WinForms Spreadsheet into its product line. The Spreadsheet has an amazing feature-set and when combined with the great technical support offered by DevExpress, it made it easy for TGSoft to quickly deliver Spreadsheet capabilities to its end-users and maintain a competitive advantage over much larger companies within the Polish software market.

TGSoft’s success is directly linked to the quality tools produced by DevExpress.