Company Information

For over 30 years, Synergex products and professional services have helped businesses maximize their investments in enterprise applications. Synergex's Synergy/DE application development environment enables software developers to create high-performance, platform-independent business applications, and these applications are used by millions of users worldwide. Representing nearly every industry, including transportation, distribution, retail, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare, Synergy/DE customers have typically spent many years enhancing and fine-tuning their applications to accommodate the unique requirements of the vertical markets they know so well. They rely on Synergex to provide the technology they need to keep their applications current and competitive.

Project Details

As we were preparing for our annual customer conference this year, we decided we were going to create an ultra-modern demo application that would highlight all the latest features in our Synergy/DE development environment and show our customers all the great technologies they can incorporate into their business applications. This impressive application needed to have an amazing user interface—not only to make a good-looking demo, but more importantly to show our customers what their own user interfaces can look like.

A relatively new Synergy/DE feature, the “Synergy .NET assembly API”, gives our customers the ability to greatly enhance their user interfaces by incorporating .NET WinForms and WPF forms within their applications. (The API also enables them to directly leverage other types of .NET classes, but most customers are using it for their user interfaces so far.) Our demo needed to make use of this new API, as this was an important topic featured at the conference.

We decided to use DevExpress' DXperience controls to create a significant portion of the user interface because of DevExpress' strong industry reputation and because some of our customers were already using their controls. We created a suite of applications for the demo, including a Synergy client application that makes extensive use of the DevExpress Windows Forms controls, and an ASP.NET Web client based on the DevExpress Web Forms controls.

As usual when preparing for our annual conference, we wanted to pack as much as we could into the demo, and timing was tight. By leveraging the DXperience controls we were able to achieve, and in many cases surpass, the high-impact user interface that we envisaged for our demo applications, and in a fraction of the time that it would have taken without access to the controls.


We demonstrated the resulting applications at the conference and (as we expected) our customers were impressed! They were very excited to see the possibilities for enhancing their software, including how they can use DXperience controls to build stunning user interfaces for their existing applications.

Our customers have spent years perfecting the logic behind their applications. The key is incorporating a modern, professional user interface that adequately represents that underlying functionality so the application looks as sophisticated as it is. As our customers saw at the conference, they can do this with the DXperience controls from DevExpress.

In Conclusion

Every year, we strive to out-do the previous year's conference. We want our customers to know our products are continuously evolving to help them keep up with the latest technologies, so they can continue to meet their users' needs and stay competitive in their markets. We easily exceeded their expectations this year thanks to DevExpress.

Steve Ives,
Synergex International Corporation

Synergex International Corporation