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For the last thirteen years, we have focused on Delphi as our main development environment. The nature of this project was an ideal fit for a solution built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, and even more so an application built on Version 2.0 of this Framework. Being Delphi experts, we knew this decision would increase our time to market, but this was offset by the significant gains that we would achieve by using these new technologies, not least the compatibility with the up and coming release of Windows Vista.

In light of all this, we had to identify components and libraries that were not only going to help create a professional looking and intuitive suite of applications, but would also help in reducing the time to market of our product. We have spent the last three months researching a wide range of different components from many different companies. We have decided with incredible ease and confidence that the product suite DXperience by DevExpress is the most ideally suited product for our requirements. This has been based on a number of factors:

In all, it was a very easy decision to make on the component suite that we should be using.

We could have purchased lots of separate suites required by the project. Not only would this have worked out considerably more expensive in the long run, but would mean that we were having to work with may different companies programming styles, documentation and methodologies etc. DXperience Enterprise gives us everything we need out of one box with a consistent development experience with the added bonus of some great productivity tools. This coupled with Priority Support, twelve months worth of updates and also the ability to get involved with the BETA testing of future releases makes it an extremely attractive package. I have found no other companies offering this much both technically and from a service perspective. Since using their Delphi components we have never looked back and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with them going forward into the .NET arena.