About Erik

Erik Veliz hails from Guatemala and has been working with Microsoft technologies since the 90's. His database expertise is varied and includes extensive experience with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Erik has taught Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis courses at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala for five years.

At present, Erik is an independent consultant focused on Microsoft SQL Server and high-performance business intelligence solutions.

Project Description

SQLServerBooster is an application that allows anyone to generate Microsoft SQL Server database backups. Like most projects, SQLServerBooster started as a simple and rudimentary application. My initial goal was to create a desktop application that had the capabilities I needed to backup client data but the application evolved once I decided to make it available for use by others. It’s at this point that DevExpress came into the picture – the moment I decided to make the application more robust and professional. DevExpress tools allowed me to focus on the features of the application without worrying about the UI and presentation layer.

SQLServerBooster includes the following features (available free of charge):

    Generate backupsCompress/split backup filesBackup multiple databases at the same timeSchedule backups and send Email reports256 AES encryption and support for 32bit and 64bit versions of WindowsShare through a network, FTP, Amazon S3 and Glacier, Azure, DropboxRun as Windows Service and delete backups after specified number of days

Why Did You Choose DevExpress?

SQLServerBooster is a WinForms application and it uses a broad range of DevExpress Controls for its presentation layer (XtraPrinting, XtraRichEdit, XtraBars, XtraEditors, XtraGrid, XtraLayout, XtraNavBar, XtraReports, XtraTreeList, XtraWizard).

I chose DevExpress over the competition because I was able to create an impressive user interface in a short time frame and in a few steps. If I had to replicate the DevExpress UI from scratch it would have taken much more work and much more time. Here’s a summary of why I chose DevExpress Controls:

    Ease-of-use (for me as the developer and the final end-user)Impressive User Interface (look and feel)Versatility to do things as I neededGreat technical supportComplete documentationSupport examplesAnd of course your continued support of the WinForms platform.

And not to be forgotten, I rely on CodeRush as it helps me become more productive within Visual Studio. It automatically generates code (via templates), helps me program in a more standardized way, provides intuitive refactoring, helps me improve my code, write cleaner code, navigate to my code more easily and find duplicate code quickly.

To learn more about SQLServerBooster and download your free copy, visit Erik’s website at: www.sqlserverbooster.com

Sample Screenshots

Erik Véliz