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About SafeSend AS

SafeSend AS is a privately held software company based in Olso, Norway that developed SafeSend as a solution to a problem: "To prevent the accidental emailing of confidential emails outside the company domain". Today SafeSend is a trusted product in use by a variety of organizations around the globe, protecting against transmitting sensitive information to the wrong parties.

Describe SafeSend

SafeSend is a solution for Microsoft Outlook that detects external recipients and attachments in outgoing email. It scans outgoing emails, meeting invitations and task requests for external recipients. SafeSend requires the user to confirm all external recipients and files before the email can be sent thereby preventing accidental data leakage. SafeSend has over 40 settings that can be controlled centrally in an Enterprise environment and it includes advanced features such as DLP content scanning, logging, reply all warnings and triggering encryption.

Describe the situation that led SafeSend to use Developer Express:

We decided to use DevExpress WinForms controls and its Document Server product that can extract text from Word, Excel and PDF files. We already had previous experience with DevExpress WinForms from other projects, and we knew that the quality of the DevExpress suite is top notch. Hence the choice was easy and we have been more than satisfied.

What challenges were overcome by using DevExpress?

In the WinForms suite we ended up using the LabelControl extensively to display a clickable text string that brings the user to a Data Usage Policy or Information Security Policy. This might first sound like an easy task to develop yourself as a custom control, but when you start investigating it in detail you will find some serious challenges. The clickable functionality for a Label control was a key functionality for us so DevExpress really saved us.

We also used the Document Server product of DevExpress extensively in order to extract text from Word, Excel and PDF files. SafeSend has the ability to scan email content such as the subject line, the email body and attachments for sensitive content such as Social Security Numbers. In order to do this, SafeSend needs to extract the text from common file types in a fast and reliably way. The Document Server product fitted perfectly and we were able to extract text from large files extremely fast.

How has DevExpress saved SafeSend time, in getting your solution to market?

DevExpress has not only cut development time but it has also enabled certain key features of our product that otherwise would have not been possible.

What would you say if SafeSend were recommending DevExpress to a friend?

We would recommend any WinForms development project to evaluate using DevExpress before the project is started. If a development team has never used DevExpress before, it is likely that they will be surprised just how easy it is to integrate very advanced capabilities into an application.

What would SafeSend like to communicate to DevExpress?

We have used your support for several occasions and have always received great support. The support has also given us custom code that has modified the behaviour of the standard DevExpress controls slightly so that they match the exact behavior we were looking for. That level of support is priceless. We have also used your searchable forums which contains a lot of very useful information and code examples. So we would like to say "Keep up the great support!".

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