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Raindrops Server 2008 -- Data, Process, and Activity Management

The key focus of this project is to connect core entities of any business: its people, process, and data to drive up productivity. Raindrops Server 2008 is a platform that delivers Data Management, Process Management, and Activity Management solutions that are tightly interconnected and coupled with Business Intelligence functionalities to drive business performance. Our platform allows businesses to rapidly and easily develop and implement complex data oriented solutions such as Customer Relations Management Solutions (CRM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Activity and Project Management Solutions that is 100% customizable, scalable, and extendable to meet individual business's requirements.

Raindrops Server 2008 Uses DevExpress ASP.NET UI Controls

Raindrops Server 2008 is a revolutionary software platform focused in delivering cutting edge data oriented solutions. These solutions adapt to business uniqueness and ensures accurate business process execution, data integrity, and work efficiency. Modern IT requirements demand rapid delivery of software systems to the business users. This is why Raindrops is built as a multi-tiered enterprise system using Service oriented architecture to deliver real-time data to end users through any common web browser or Mobile device.

Choosing Developer Express

After comparing DXperience with the competitors, we found that DevExpress has the greatest potential. The DevExpress tools have numerous awards, a great support team, and an amazing UI suite for ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Helps Overcome Challenges

DevExpress tools helped us solve one of our biggest challenges with their great support for client side programming. This has allowed our software to provide a better user experience for our clients. In our software, we are able to use the ASPxGridView and its sorting and grouping abilities, coupled with ASPxPopupMenu and ASPxPopupControl to deliver the best user experience that is similar to Outlook.

ASP.NET Outlook Style UI

ASP.NET HTML Editor in Popup Window

We then used the ASPxScheduler (shown above) to create an integrated calendar with our Activity Management System. We also took advantage of the powerful Web Charts to deliver our business intelligence for project analysis and project management.

ASP.NET Charting in Action

ASP.NET Charting Dashboard

DevExpress controls also provide callback functionalities that are less performance intensive than standard ASP.NET UpdatePanel, and with much more client-side features.

Skins and Themes Enhance Design

The stylish look and feel of DevExpress Web Controls has greatly enhanced the attractiveness and the look-and-feel of our software which in return has led to more positive reviews, successful marketing ads and campaigns.

DevExpress ASP.NET Products Achieve The Goal

One of our goals is to enable business users to take advantage of technology in a way that makes sense for them. To accomplish this, a powerful yet user friendly GUI is a definite requirement.

Since our software deals greatly with Data management, a reporting and charting component also became a requirement that native ASP.NET controls just couldn't handle.

DevExpress provides a comprehensive, easy to use, stylish yet powerful Web Control Suite that has made our software reflect its real potentials and has allowed us to reach our goals in delivering our technology easily and effectively to our end users. DevExpress has met all of our demands in Data management, Scheduling, Reporting, Charting and Rich User Experience.

Shorter Development Cycle

The DevExpress tools have saved us tremendous amount of time that we would have had to invest in developing high end controls that is both powerful, and presentable.

"DXperience will increase productivity by providing essential tools and features, and it will definitely add significant value towards any software product."

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