For over 50 years PinkRoccade has provided ICT (Information and Communications technology) services in information intensive sectors. Banks and insurers, central and local government, social security, health care, the food sector and manufacturing are our customers. PinkRoccade is one of the leading players in the outsourcing market in the Netherlands, and currently has over 7000 employees.

The stock exchanges of Belgium, France & the Netherlands link together to form the AEX, and introduce a new trading model based on the FIX protocol. Pinkroccade customer, Eduard De Graaff & Co one of the major stockbrokers in the Netherlands, needed a near real time trading application. This had to provide the trader with insight in the market and a simple means of tracking his own orders and those of his colleagues.

Kees van Sighem, Software engineer at PinkRoccade explains "The Express Quantum Grid Suite was invaluable when realizing the GUI for this application. By making use of the built in sorting, filtering and incremental search capabilities we were able to provide the rich interface they needed. The color coding was easily implemented by hooking into the Grid's paint events."


This is a screenshot taken from the application during an actual trading session. Each trader can select his/or her own color scheme, which columns are shown and how they are sorted. Trades can be initiated or modified by simply clicking in certain columns, or by certain hot key combinations additional information about stocks can be brought up.

Says van Sighem "From past experience we knew that the Quantum Grid has all the features we need (and then some). But the main reason for selecting DevExpress is the support offered. If we mail our problem at the end of the business day (in the Netherlands), we start the next day with the answers sent by the support team."