PeerLabs Inc, is a Software and database management firm with clients in both Public and Private sector. Our mission is to develop software that empowers the user. We believe our users should not change the way work when using our software. Without DevExpress our design and development goals would be unattainable. We put our best foot forward with DevExpress.

User Interface (0-60mph) in 5 Seconds

DevExpress enables us to build functional user interface with minimum effort, which leads to a quicker feedback cycle from our users. The user interface is a critical component of any software architecture it is the winning edge. Deficiency of lower layers can be tolerated but not the user interface. An example are the features of the WinForms Grid Control (XtraGrid), Data filtering, Master/Detail & Grouping which are available with minimum coding.

Division of Labor

DevExpress promotes tiered and agile development of software by allowing the developers to focus on non user interface related matters which reside in the back end. Being in a position where you are engaged in both areas can be a prodigious undertaking. Also by supporting different data providers it creates a loosely coupled environment which facilitates switching between data providers depending on the current development needs.

Unparalleled Customer Support

When I purchased DevExpress I was concerned about the quality and responsiveness of the support team so I bought a limited edition of product. After my first experience I was convinced I made the right choice amongst numerous vendors and purchased the full suite.

DevExpress WinForms Controls in a PeerLabs App

A particular user of mine loves the skinning feature added to the application, everyday is Christmas.

DevExpress WinForms Controls in a PeerLabs App

DevExpress WinForms Skinning in a PeerLabs App


As our clients demand rich and highly functional user interfaces, we would be relying on DevExpress to continue to provide these controls as they push the boundaries of the user experience.

Akin S. Walter-Johnson III
Software & Data Architect
PeerLabs Inc

PeerLabs Inc