Analyzing Team and Player Stats

MatchMatix is a sports team and player analysis software package that is written in .NET 3.5, using Windows Forms. MatchMatix reads video analysis data and produces detailed reports showing, for example, which winger played the most crosses that lead to goals, or how many aces a tennis player scored on a second service.

As well as the MatchMatix Windows Client software, MatchMatix also provides consultancy services to sports clubs. In this case, a championship football club were using MatchMatix, and asked for an intranet to store the analysis data, and manage the recruitment of players. The reports had to be clear, and easy to read, so I decided to look for a professional quality chart component.

Choosing Developer Express

Having evaluated a couple of other chart controls, I found the Developer Express XtraCharts demos inspiring; the charts were clear, the graphics were high quality and the configuration was flexible. This was just what I needed to make the MatchMatix intranet reports really powerful. The price was extremely reasonable for over 40 types of chart.

I had heard of Developer Express through attending development conferences over the last few years; not because of a trade stand, but because Developer Express staff were giving excellent presentations on programming tools and technologies, and not plugging their products. I'd spoken to Oliver, one of the presenters, at several of these events.

Analytical Reports Made Easy

After the couple of hours of developing the reports, I'd produced a very pleasing chart, and as it was so easy, I put some configuration options on the page. The users can now dynamically create custom charts, including the type, size, and how much or little data to show. These charts could then be used to show the players in the training sessions.

Later on in the project, another simple chart was required, and within half an hour's development time, I got exactly what I needed. The coding is simple and intuitive, and a joy to work with.

A sample HTML report

High Level Support

When I purchased and downloaded the XtraCharts component, I had trouble installing and running it on my tablet PC. I emailed Oliver, and he replied almost immediately with a couple of suggestions. That didn't resolve the issue, so he contacted me through instant messenger, so we could chat about it in more detail. We were still struggling, so Oliver phoned me. After some time on the phone, we managed to get it running. I have never received such a high level of support from any other company.

Later on in the project, I couldn't work out how to tweak the chart in a certain way, so I contacted Oliver again. He couldn't work it out, so he asked some of the developers if it could be done, and apparently it couldn't. However, the development team have added a feature request to ensure that the next release will contain a property to do what I need.

Simon Harriyott
MatchMatix - Sports Match Analysis Software