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An Online Filing Cabinet

M and M Software is currently developing a web based program called My Private Filing Cabinet. It is a program which enables the user to get rid of their old fashioned filing cabinets. MPFC will allow the user to record and maintain any and all of their important confidential information into one comprehensive program.

My Private Filing Cabinet is designed for families or individuals who would like to take inventory on their life. It is for anyone who would like to record, maintain and update information relating to all aspects of their lives including family members, homes, vehicles, insurance, legal, banking, etc. all in one simple integrated program.

The screenshots below show examples of the Family Cabinet. For example, the maintenance tab for a particular home displays appointments and scheduled service information:

Here you can see the General Information Tab for William Johnson. You can also access the Medical, Education, Activities, etc. Tabs for William Johnson:

Choosing Developer Express

We've seen it all during our rigorous search for superior user interface controls and there is nothing better than Developer Express suite of .NET components. They give our product not only the professional and sophisticated look we wanted, but also a user friendly environment for our customers. Beyond the great looking controls, these components are packed with canned events to handle almost any possible scenario.

Save Time and Money

A significant part of the application is based on scheduling appointments and dates to remember and general occurrences. We began writing our own calendar components until we discovered DevExpress. It is as easy to use as Outlook and more importantly it's on the web. The tons of events DevExpress delivers with their components automates so much code than other companies we have investigated. DevExpress Suite has saved us hundreds of man hours in development.


DevExpress Suite has truly turned My Private Filing Cabinet into a much greater program than we could have imagined. We look forward to perfecting My Private Filing Cabinet with DevExpress Suite and will be back for our next program.

Gregg Mercede, CTO

M and M Software