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About ISDK and their Project

ISDK is a software developer that focuses on complex business applications, integration, and corporate mobile solutions for large and middle-scale companies. They chose to use DevExpress for business systems and Microsoft SharePoint for corporate portals due to their scalability and reliability. With these tools, they didn't need to think about basic development and other things that take up time, such as database setup, low-level data layers, low-level UI drawings and so on. They basically used out-of-the box capabilities so they could focus on the core business needs.

This case-study is a good example of applying Devextreme HTML5 to solve their needs. They managed to use it as a base for a complex system that's built on top of it. Along with a Microsoft SharePoint portal. The system has many custom business and integration features.

Their Customer

The Customer is a Russian telecommunication holding company that offers a wide range of services including broadband and mobile Internet access, telephony and digital TV. It is one of the market leaders of the broadband access to Internet in several regions of Russia.


Client management wanted for a long time to have a high-level integration center for project and process tasks accompanied with the easy to use KPI dashboards. Besides that, top management wanted not only integration on its own but also easy to use aggregated information visualization tools and quick functions (task assignment, commenting, and attachments).

Ultimately, this solution was supposed to be implemented within the scope of corporate Internet portal upgrade and migration to SharePoint Server 2013 (due to the fact SharePoint became an integration center itself). Customer also planned automation for some of its internal business services and that was a good point as well to develop a desirable integration center and its services.

One of these services was a module for integration of investment planning, technical projects and billing systems. Main business users of this service are company top managers. Certain challenges included the need to integrate data from independent systems in single information space. Systems were not designed for such integration either technically or logically (from business models perspective).

Another key goal (above integration) – as highlighted in the very beginning – was to get lightweight mobile client for company top management. The idea was to gather and aggregate all key information for current projects and top-level tasks. Top managers wanted to have analysis tool accessible from tablets and wide format devices.


To achieve set goals project included the following tasks:

    Integration and aggregation of data from disparate IT systems.Creation of single task center based on Microsoft SharePoint corporate portal.Development of visualization and monitoring tool for key programs and project and their KPIs.Development of mobile client for tables and wide format devices allowing to show key aggregated data and KPI on dashboards and do quick task assignments.

DevExpress Application

Technically solution was developed using Devexpress Devextreme HTML5 application development platform ( This platform is a large collection of JS/HTML components for building interactive and lightweight Web applications responsive for both common laptops and modern tablets and mobile devices.

Data exchange and work logic of HTML5 components is standard – call (usually asynchronously) for Web services located on company SharePoint portal.


Developed solution allowed integration of 3 key corporate systems that were complete disparate before. System provided top and middle management with single tool for analysis and management of project and technical tasks. In total system monitors more than 200 projects and program tasks.

Mobile client for tablets includes dashboards for aggregated project information – target KPIs and dates, actual statuses and key issues with the ability to quickly create and assign tasks. Average mobile application response time with stable Internet connection is 1 second or less.

About 20 top and middle company managers including its president use this system.

Application Screens

Integration and Mobile Solutions - ISDK | DevExpress Case-Study

Integration and Mobile Solutions - ISDK | DevExpress Case-Study