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We needed a mature yet flexible suite of UI tools that we could adapt to fit with the persistence and business layers that we'd built. We wanted to use a suite that had a consistent look and feel across all the components and we needed to make sure that if changes had to be made, we wouldn't be excluding ourselves from future updates. The architecture of the components had to be a good match.

I had been using DevExpress tools for Delphi for as long as I could remember. The build quality, architecture and unwavering support for VCL meant the .Net tools they were releasing had to be my first port of call. From day one we've made them fit (with the help of the support team) and the quality and depth of the feature set continue to impress me. In my role as CTO for our company I was required to evaluate a number of competing toolsets to make sure I made an unbiased and objective decision. I'd never choose any of the other toolsets over DXperience.

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Our biggest challenge in iQ was making the UI as customizable as possible. An important feature of our product is for end users to be able to extend the object model easily and tailor the user interface to suit. The XtraLayout control was exactly what we wanted. With the help of the support team we built a custom customization form showing an object's full graph and allowing the user to tailor their forms to suit. Perfect!

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DevExpress has felt like almost like a member of our development team during the development of our latest product. They are the "UI guy" on our team. Being able to rely on a mature yet evolving toolset like this is invaluable to us.

We were concerned that our slightly non-conventional persistence and object model layers would cause difficulty interfacing to a generic third party toolset like DXperience. However the way these components are thought out and designed and they way they are supported quickly put paid to those concerns.

The sheer volume and depth of components provided as part of the DXperience subscription represent exceptional value for money. As I've said we've considered DevExpress the "UI Guy" of our team. Compare that with a full developer salary for UI...

The components are so often 'right first time' in terms of quality and appearance and the support is so responsive compared to the competitors we tested that I expect we are some months ahead of where we'd be with another toolset.

The components look very good (an often overlooked trait), perform exceptionally well (IListServer being an example of thinking about performance) and are updated frequently. This makes us look good and perform well along with keeping our UI fresh.

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I would honestly say "Don't bother with the rest". We've spent the time evaluating the alternatives and we've proved our decision correct from continuous use for the last number of years. They get my vote every time.

Aidan Lawless
Chief Technology Officer

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