Gruppo Sinapsi

Project Description

Gruppo Sinapsi is an Italian software house, born in 1985, focused on ERP Systems and currently employing a 40 people staff. The first version of the Hallway Platform was created in 2001 by 4andSoft, which became later part of the Gruppo Sinapsi. The first release of this Platform was implemented on a Microsoft Visual Basic 6 technology.

Why DevExpress

In 2008 the Company approved the re-writing of the whole platform (C.R.M., B.I. , Document Management) with Microsoft .NET; therefore our working team had to choose the technological partner to face this significant challenge. After a long and accurate evaluation of the competitive players available on the market, our choice has fallen on DevExpress.

Its products seemed to be the most suitable to our request of power, flexibility and productivity, essential traits for our software’ users.

Nitro + Glicerina

The connection between our creativity and the power of DevExpress tools allowed us to take advantage of each single potentiality available, leading us closer to our objective of absolute excellence.

Six months later, we presented the first modules of the new Hallway Platform.

The impact on our users has been overwhelming, so that after one year, more than 90% of our users decided to transit to the new product’ release!


The CRM module allows our users a wide flexibility to define their working parameters, to create their target and manage different opportunities.

Thanks to the DevExpress controlling system, every user can personalize the way to view data, filters and labels, creating a personal working layout.

Hallway Platform - Creating Personal Working Layout with DevExpress WinForms Controls

Within each prospect card, the user can independently organize the information outlined and can create a personal style to approach the reading of information.

Hallway Platform - Customized Information Layout with DevExpress WinForms Controls

Hallway Platform - Customized Information Layout with DevExpress WinForms Controls

The segmentation environment allows to create queries, even complex, with a few clicks.

Hallway Platform - Complex Quiery Creation UI with DevExpress WinForms Controls


The graphic potentialities of the DevExpress control system concerning Reporting and Data Mining, have fully satisfied our desire of accuracy and usability, which are fundamental requisites for the users of the Business Intelligence modules.

Currently our customers can finally take advantage of a completed environment, which allows them to create several types of report, such as Dashboard , Report Pivot Rolap, Report Pivot OLAP, graphs, Multi-level Report and Geomarketing Report (thanks to the integration with Microsoft MapPoint©).

Hallway Platform - Dashboard UI with DevExpress Analytics Controls

Hallway Platform - Dashboard UI with DevExpress Analytics Controls


Our choice to trust the DevExpress tools has widely repaid the efforts made to acquire completely this technology. We can finally be competitive with similar tools, more notorious and much more expensive! This is thanks to DevExpress and to our steady determination to do our best.

Hallway Team
Andrea Menozzi, Marco Ognibene, Marco Rinaldi

Gruppo Sinapsi