Informatica Operativa

About Our Company

Informatica Operativa is a small Italian Company that for over 15 years works in the field as partner Zucchetti, one of the most important software house in the country.

In addition to resell accounting software for small and middle sized companies, Informatica Operativa has a large customer base, thanks to its expert help service and training staff. Informatica Opertativa is also specialized in developments of verticalizations and business applications, procedures tailored to clients requests like CRM, cash flow and many more.

Project Description

GZCash Flow was created to meet the needs of companies to keep under control their cash flow situations. This procedure monitors changes in definitive and estimated income and expenditure. All these data are shown by the bank in order to control the current and future balance bank account and allowing the company to make timely decisions on the allocation of financial flows, prevent exceed credit limits, have greater awareness in negotiating terms of Payment and have the whole situation under control. All reports are customizable pivot tables, easy to use and intuitive, easily exportable to most popular formats. Through dynamic analysis is possible to analyze in real time the financial performance of the company by providing a snapshot of the flow, the availability and needs. All data are representable on graphs.

Why DevExpress

In 2010 we needed to find controls that helped us to develop application better and faster. After several evaluation we chose DevExpress especially for its gorgeous themes. DevExpress is very easy and intuitive to use and with a quick and efficient support service.

Sample Screenshots

Luca Bono
Informatica Operativa
Informatica Operativa