About ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH

ZiWu-Soft is a German software publisher, founded in 1990, who develops international programs to design heavy duty anchors. The team consists of ten software developers from the fields of computer science and industrial informatics, each with different priorities, such as software development, process design, project management, construction and fastening systems. The high quality standards for the software functionality require a reliable component developer, and DevExpress has been that reliable partner for many years.

Describe DesignFiX

DesignFiX is an all-purpose anchor design program for manufacturers of fasteners for free distribution to their clients such as engineers, planners or craftsmen. By using the program, the clients can design mechanical and chemical heavy duty anchors under static loads and under the influence of an earthquake. It takes into account internationally recognized regulations such as the European directive ETAG 001, the American standards ACI 318-05, ACI 318-08 and ACI 318-11 or the Canadian standard CSA A23.3-04. Therefore, it can be used in many countries worldwide.

Choosing DevExpress Components

We decided to use DevExpress components from the very beginning of the project to provide best UI experience to our customers. Additionally, DevExpress has project support, that helps improve time to market using "all in one" components. Most importantly, DevExpress has what customers are requesting.

Customers require and ask for more and more configurable and flexible UI with the newer features, such as: filters, charts, dashboards and so on. Many developers are familiar with DevExpress Components, so that let us hire developers to start developing new features in a very short time frame.

A further special feature of DesignFiX is the extremely fast print preview, which has been developed with XtraReports. This video shows the full use of all DevExpress components in practical use.

Describe the business challenge that led you to use DevExpress:

We chose DevExpress, because we have experienced a continuous evolvement of all components. The documentation and the quality of the components is excellent. When minor problems arise, they are fixed by the support team fast and efficiently. Great compliment for our company; always helpful, always friendly and polite--an enjoyable way of doing business.

How has DevExpress saved your company time or money, in getting your solution to market?

The fact that you can install different DevExpress versions parallel, saves the developer a lot of project time. It is good to know that you do not need to update all customer projects in parallel with a new version of DevExpress.

What would you say if you were recommending DevExpress to a friend?

Yes, 5 of 5 stars, an investment in the future that is worth every cent.

What would you like to communicate to DevExpress?

Many thanks for DevExpress' assistance with the DesignFiX project--especially to Amanda. We love the training videos; and of course, her too.

ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH

ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH