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This is an online reservation system for a chain of stores where customers can rent bicycles, segways or take guided tours in several cities in the USA.

The website includes two sites. One is the front-end where customers can see the tours, check bikes and actually make an online reservation for a period of time. As an add-on, customers can also purchase retail goods like bottled water, snacks or marketing products.

The second site is the back-end, where employees and managers handle information about reservations and customers.

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We took this project in a very constrained environment. Since most of the cities where the store chain operates work in a seasoned fashion, we only had 6 weeks to develop the entire system.

It was a tremendous challenge and we could not afford to miss the deadline because of the heavy impact that the store would have; so we needed a way to be more productive and also be able to deliver the system with the quality our customer deserves.

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Early in the design process we were in research for some tools that would help us achieve the quality our system needs and also the productivity to make it to the deadline.

In that quest we found several tools, however, we were conscious that we needed proven solutions and tools and that's why we chose Developer Express Components.

We saw not only how they work in our environment but also that the tools are awarded by major industry companies.

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There were two main challenges, one was productivity. With Refactor! And CodeRush we were able to deliver high quality code in short time.

The second challenge was to have a scheduling system for our tours. Tours happen in a recurring way, so there was no point in entering the same information for different dates, so we turned our eyes to ASPxScheduler Suite and it really helped us achieve our goals.

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I would say that I found one of the most helpful tools suites on the market. And, I'd show in a real situation how these tools can help our productivity.

Jose Rolando Guay Paz
CSW Solutions Inc.