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ERP Leverages WinForms and ASP.NET

BinaryActiva is a powerful ERP, developed for WinForms, which covers the main processes of any business such as: Purchasing, Sales, Stocks, Production, CRM, HR, Finance and Logistics.

And as a fully scalable application, BinaryActiva can be used by any company regardless of their size, whether they’re small and autonomous to a large company.

WinForms Application

The CRM module is also integrated with the web application through the website which will send SMS messages to mobile devices and check the status of those messages.

ASP.NET Application

Both of the applications, BinaryActiva and the website, extensively use the DevExpress controls (for WinForms and ASP.NET).

Choosing DevExpress

We have been DevExpress customers since 2003 when we started doing development on the .NET platform. Being a small company we looked for controls that would allow us to develop applications for WinForms in less time and offer a look and functionality similar or superior to any that could offer a large software development company.

We are always pleasantly surprised at the DevExpress controls performance, design, quality and full integration. We believe that the controls are really designed to solve the problems that we face as software developers.

In our projects, we have created our own legacy of controls for DevExpress, thus making a total integration with the business objectives for our applications. All this and it is really an easy and intuitive product suite.

Scheduler Saves Time

There have been many times when DevExpress controls have helped us in a meaningful way. However, if we were to highlight one in particular then it would undoubtedly be the XtraScheduler suite. If we had to develop all the logic and timing of bookings in our suite then we would have to spend months of work. And the result would not have been as professional as the XtraScheduler Suite produces.

Calendar Control in the WinForms Application

It is incalculable how much time and money that we have saved by using the DevExpress controls. Not only do we appreciate the time that we saved by not having to develop similar components ourselves, but the DevExpress quality is second to none.

Leveraging Two Platforms

Our company develops both standard desktop applications and web applications. So we are used to using a large amount of DevExpress controls and all always following the same design line. The similarity between controls for WinForms and ASP.NET is really impressive.

When we need to provide any new functionality to our products, first we check if DevExpress has released something already.

Excellent Support

We want also to highlight the excellent support is offered. We have reported several questions and problems that we encountered when using the controls and integrating them with our applications. Usually this same question is answered within 1 to 2 days. A very impressive technical support team.

DXperience Recommended

DevExpress controls are always evolving. Using their controls in applications will always give a consistent and professional interface similar to that of any application developed by the major software development companies. DevExpress has many suites such as the Data Editors, Reporting, Charting, and Scheduler. Many of them are available for both WinForms and ASP.NET. And the products achieve a quality and performance that is unmatched. Without a doubt, there is no other company that creates .NET components that is equal to DevExpress.

Santiago Barro,
Binary Menorca S.L.

Binary Menorca S.L.