11 May 2017

About TechnoKom

TechnoKom has been in business for over 20 years, and is a leader of manufacturing electronic devices and software for satellite monitoring and Tracking (GPS/GLONASS/Inmarsat system) in Russia. The products are also available and sold in other countries.

TechnoKom creates full life cycle of trackers: R&D, design, development, production, selling, warranty and post-warranty service and have a full set of software: extensible desktop software, web interface, reporting system, android/iphone and other mobile apps. The software is available in Russian and English, but some software, such as web interface, is translated to 13 languages.

Project Description

AutoGRAPH.NET is software for monitoring and reporting all kinds of vehicles by using GPS/GLONASS system and our trackers. AutoGRAPH.NET is fully extensible as a modular system. Programmers can use the API to extend and customize for customers as well as make detailed reports that integrate with other systems.

ADJE is highly customizable via CSS, HTML, JQuery, DevExpress Themes, and Custom Templates. Some features include resume upload; medium trust hosting ready; Cufón fonts; templates; PayPal and DalPay Payment integration allowing site owners to charge for advertisements; Facebook share/recommend built-in; Google Analytics integration; Preloaded with 7 Countries (US, UK, PH, HK, SG, CA, AU), 446 Country Regions, and 214,613 Cities; Tested on 1.5 Million job records (it can handle more than that!); and a lot more!

Our custom written HTTPHandler routine ensures that applicant resume files can only be downloaded by recruiters with whom applicants have a pending job application for. Illegal page or file requests are logged as “issues” the database, for further action by the administrator as deemed necessary.

Why did you choose DevExpress?

I choose DevExpress WinForms components for software development and not a day goes by that I am not happy with that choice! Our software, AutoGRAPH.NET, is fully based on DevExpress, because of the docks, bars, grids, charts, controls, validators and so on. DevExpress is first in extensibility and has clear documentation with examples for any case.

How has Developer Express saved you time and resources?

Customers pay for the solution. Not for your time. DevExpress already has all required features in one box. A rough calculation of our time to do things like implementing multicolumn sorting, filtering, and conditional coloring, not to mention child grids, and TreeListView would take 4 times longer if we did not use DevExpress.