MediManage Pro: A Complete Medical Management System


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The Project: MediManage Pro

MediManage Pro is a comprehensive medical management system designed to automate the operations of hospitals, clinics, or diagnostic centers. This fully customizable enterprise solution offers a wide range of functionalities to streamline various aspects of healthcare management. Barind Medical College & Hospital Ltd. (, a renowned medical college was looking for a complete software solution that can serve the needs of healthcare facilities looking to improve their administrative and operational efficiency. ASTGD proposed a custom solution and later ASTGD built this complete hospital management system. MediManage Pro.

MediManage Pro encompasses a variety of features, including but not limited to:

  • Patient Records: Managing patient information, medical history, and appointments.

    Patient Records - MediManage Pro, DevExpress Case-Study

  • Billing and Invoicing: Handling financial transactions, insurance claims, and billing processes.

    Billing and Invoicing - MediManage Pro, DevExpress Case-Study

  • Appointment Scheduling: Efficiently scheduling and managing patient appointments.
  • Inventory Management: Tracking medical supplies, medications, and equipment.
  • Report Generation: Creating reports for analysis and decision-making.

  • Prescription Management: Managing medication prescriptions and dispensing.
  • Patient Portal: Offering patients access to their records and appointments.

    Patient Portal - MediManage Pro, DevExpress Case-Study

  • User Customization: Tailoring the system to meet the specific needs of each healthcare facility.
  • Security: Ensuring data security and compliance with healthcare regulations.

    Security - MediManage Pro, DevExpress Case-Study


MediManage Pro was created for a broad range of healthcare institutions, including:

  • Hospitals: To streamline the management of patient data, billing, and resources.
  • Clinics: To efficiently handle patient appointments, prescriptions, and billing.
  • Diagnostic Centers: To manage diagnostic tests, reports, and appointments effectively.

MediManage Pro is primarily a commercial solution, meant for healthcare facilities that wish to enhance their operational efficiency and patient care.

Describe Your Biggest Development Obstacle

BMCH was established in 2011. All their employees and management developed a system for daily operation. Our biggest challenge was to develop the software that can perfectly fit existing environment.

Project timeline was also a challenge. Also client have more than 100 users and each user needs customized views and permission, that was a challenge for us too.

Why You Chose DevExpress

The project timeline was very limited compared to its vastness. ASTGD needed a solution that can provide cutting edge error free solution in less time. DevExpress XAF is a low code application framework that is also ORM based and provides some crucial built in modules that comes handy while developing this kind of applications. Despite all these ASTGD chose XAF for two main reasons:

  • XAF provides automated UI and model editor provides capability to easily customize UI.
  • XAF comes with built in security modules that provides roles and user-based permission and it is easy to implement/modify/customize.

DevExpress Products Used

Describe Your Experience with DevExpress Products

My experience with DevExpress products has been overwhelmingly positive. These products are not only user-friendly but also exceptionally flexible and extensible. They have significantly streamlined our development process, allowing us to create feature-rich applications with ease.

Describe a Specific Project Challenge You Addressed with DevExpress Tools

In case of MediManage Pro we are still creating reports using end user reporting capabilities provided by XAF. A feature reached end user report designer helps us overcome the challenges of on demand report creation. End user is happy, and we can reuse those reports for other clients too.


Managing Director

A T M Minhazul Islam
Managing Director


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