eXpress Persistent Objects is Now Available

DevExpress is happy to announce the immediate availability of XPO v1.5, our object framework library for the Microsoft .NET Framework. eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET represents a powerful bridge between the object world and the world of relational databases. It gives developers the freedom to build true business objects without having to deal with the tedious complexities of mapping them onto database tables. eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET completely abstracts the database layer from a developer, leaving him or her fully in the object-oriented realm. With XPO, you can build applications that work with multiple database systems (presently supports MS Access and MS SQL Server) without making ANY changes to your code.

What's New in v. 1.5

Our focus in this release has been on increasing compatibility with your legacy databases, extending your control over database modifications and adding new features to help you accomplish your objectives in the shortest possible time. Pageable collections are now at your service and make data retrieval and processing even more flexible than before. XPO.NET and XtraGrid now form a superb one-two punch - giving you an unrivaled way in which to retrieve and display information in a manner suiting your specific business requirements. Aggregate (group) operations with collection properties augment the efficiency of database queries. Retain the full power of value objects as the persistent properties of a struct type are now available to you. Overall performance has been greatly improved for the creation of persistent objects and their retrieval.

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The DevExpress Team