DevExpress Announces 12.2 – Their Most Robust Toolset, Ever

Glendale, California — December 3, 2012 — DevExpress, a leading global software development company, announced today the third release in the DXv2 generation of software development tools, DevExpress 12.2. The new tools included in the comprehensive Universal 12.2 Suite helps developers imagine and build innovative solutions that target Windows 8, the iPad, iPhone and Android devices as well as the interactive Web. This release empowers end-users with an intuitive, Microsoft Word inspired reporting solution, enabling them to easily create and edit their own reports. "With the 12.2 release we have provided the breadth of tools developers need to target critical platforms like ASP.NET, WinForms WPF and Silverlight as well as emerging technologies like HTML5 and Windows 8 XAML", said Julian M Bucknall, CTO of DevExpress.

One App, Every Screen.

Today's applications no longer live on one computing platform. Application boundaries have shifted and customers now expect solutions to be accessible across computing devices. Multi-channel suggests building applications that span devices and optimize for the best parts of each platform. The new DXTREME ENTERPRISE Suite enables developers to build applications for touch-enabled devices like the iPad and Microsoft Surface as well as iPhone and Android smartphones. With DXTREME developers can create a single Visual Studio solution that crosses platforms and devices making it easy to reuse content assets and application code. Thousands of developers have already begun to discover DXTREME with the DXTREME Preview released in September 2012.

The Power of Data, Delivered.

New in the Universal 12.2 Suite are powerful reporting tools enabling end-users to create dynamic dashboards and engaging reports, with real-time access to critical business information. The powerful new DevExpress Report Server was engineered for the enterprise and made to reduce pressures on development teams by empowering users to directly generate and manage their own reports. The Report Server offers straightforward user management and role definition and insightful data management capabilities so developers retain control where needed and maximize productivity. And, developers can now build information dashboards that run across platforms, from Windows to the Web. Also introduced in this release is the new Snap reporting tool that simplifies report creation with a new Microsoft Word-inspired reporting metaphor. Snap helps developers integrate a true WYSIWYG report writer into their projects - one that meets the ease-of-use standards set by the world's most popular word processor.

Windows 8. Ready, Today.

Building for the modern user interface creates new opportunities for developers to take advantage of live tiles for presenting dynamic experiences for their users. "At DevExpress we're enabling the creation of native Windows 8 applications as well as Windows 8-inspired applications for development teams that need to target Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7", said Julian M Bucknall, CTO of DevExpress.

The high performance Windows 8 XAML Grid and Data Editor Controls that ships in DXTREME exploits the power inherent in Windows 8 without limiting traditional features developers have come to expect. Windows 8 reimagines how information is presented to end-users and the DevExpress Windows 8 XAML Data Visualization Controls bring information to life using an elegant touch-first UI metaphor. Built to increase productivity, the DevExpress Windows 8 XAML App Navigation and Page Layout Controls help you deliver Windows Store applications in the shortest possible time.

Award Winning Tools

With over 100 awards, DevExpress products have a long history of success with customers. Recently the DevExpress Enterprise Suite was given the coveted award for the Best Desktop Component Suite by the Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards. In addition, DXperience was named Best Component Suite in the 2012 Community Choice Awards at the at the Best of Connections event in November 2012.

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