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                                  • Hi, I have a grid with 7 columns, and on mobile version, it gets gets cut, just like in demo. See attachment. Hopefully this can work as Bootstrap control.

                                    Also, can we get some kind of labels assiged to our forms, that we don't need extra code to have? Look at MatBlazor, how it's handling this issue?

                                    MatBlazor has some great controls, but I don't want to include it as another library...

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                                Hello Blago,

                                We plan to make the grid responsive. As for the TextBox null text, our DxTextBox doesn't have a property that would allow doing so. As a temporary workaround, use JS interop:

                                <DxTextBox CssClass="my-textbox"></DxTextBox>
                                @code {
                                    protected override async Task OnAfterRenderAsync(bool firstRender)
                                        await JSRuntime.InvokeAsync<string>("addPlaceholder", "my-textbox");
                                function addPlaceholder(textBoxCss) { var input = document.querySelector('.' + textBoxCss).querySelector("input"); input.placeholder = "My Null Text"; }

                                I've attached a sample project so you can test how it works.