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                                  • While uploading files in FileManager,  I want to check file size before uploading to see if there is enough space for the file. I believe I was able to do this before when getting the html input used to store the file but now when I tried the same check the file does not exist.

                                    this is what I was doing before

                                                var uploadedFiles = document.getElementById("FileManager_Splitter_Upload_TextBox0_Input");
                                                if (uploadedFiles && uploadedFiles.files) {
                                                    var byteSize = 0;
                                                    for (var i = 0; i < uploadedFiles.length; i++) {
                                                        if (uploadedFiles[i]) {
                                                            byteSize += uploadedFiles[i].size;

                                    but now uploadedfiles.files is returning an empty list. I also tried to check for other inputs and none of them contained files. 

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                                This task was discussed in the following ticket: FileManager check file size before FileUploading on client side. Please refer to its solution.