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                                  • Hi,

                                    W‍hen using High Dpi screen, Summary Editor is too small.
                                    S‍ee image attached.


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                                Hi Mario,
                                I confirm that the current version of our End-User WinForms Report Designer has several shortcomings on a 4k screen, mostly related to the size of various elements and dialogs that do not scale well as the DPI increases. The Summary Editor dialog is one such example. Our team is planning to address all known HighDPI/4K display issues in one of the future releases. I'll update this thread once there's something you can try, so please don't be concerned about missing anything.


                                • Mario Blatarić 01.14.2020


                                  Ok, thanks for response.
                                  To be honest, I am not sure should I open tickets like this, but I checked Support Center, did not find anything (regarding Summary Editor at least), so decided it can not hurt to open it :-), even though you are most likely aware of this.

                                  Anyway, it is not a deal breaker or anything, scrollbars work, so window can be used with little scrolling.