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                                • Joseph Mangampo 12.02.2019

                                  Hello Mike,

                                  Thank you for the details and the demo link.

                                  I have managed to replicate the behavior you described and have forwarded this to our developers for further investigation. Please bear with us while we wait for the result.

                                  If you have further concerns, please let me know.

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                                Hi Mike,

                                Thank you for your patience.

                                The column resizing behavior works incorrectly because the direction of the dataGrid's parent container is not set to RTL. We have modified your demo illustrating the left columns adjusting when the dir attribute of the dataGrid's container set to RTL.

                                If this is the behavior you are expecting for, please let us know.

                                • Mike Postel 12.03.2019

                                  No, now its even worse - Im moving the column to the right to expand it, but its collapsing the widget from the left side..

                                • Joseph Mangampo 12.04.2019

                                  Hi Mike,

                                  Thank you for the feedback.

                                  At the moment it is not entirely clear why our demo does not meet your requirements, would you please describe with greater details the behavior you wish to achieve when resizing the columns so we try to suggest better solutions?

                                  Looking forward to your response.

                                • Mike Postel 12.05.2019

                                  Ill try to be clearer
                                  for RTL, The behaviour should be an exact mirror of the behaviour you're familiar with

                                  put mode = widget
                                  Drag the border between State and City columns to the left
                                  I expect :
                                  - the city  column to grow to the left,
                                  - the state column to remain the same and
                                  - the whole page to grow to the left as well

                                  Instead, what happens is that :
                                  - city column stays the same
                                  -  state column shrinks
                                  - the whole page shrinks from the right

                                  This doesn't happend