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                                  • Based in Tickets T115130 and T115096, I need to define a custom EditItemTemplate dynamically.

                                    I've an Template that implements ITemplate interface and works perfectly with the ASPxGridView with an EditorForm, but I need to change the editor mode to Batch. That template shows differents editors, like ASPxSpinEdit, ASPxTextBox and ASPxCheckBox, according the data type of each row.

                                    Do I need to considerer another way or there is possible to use the ITemplate with the batch editor mode?

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                                Hello Martin,

                                The standard editing mode sends a callback to the server whenever you click the Edit button. This allows you to render a single editor dynamically.

                                However, in the Batch editing mode you edit records without callbacks. That means that if you wish to have different editors in the same column, you need to render all editors and hide them using the ClientVisible property.
                                The approach will be similar to the ASPxGridView - Batch Editing - A simple implementation of an EditItemTemplate example with one exception - you will need to show the proper editor in the BatchEditStartEditing event.