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                                  • in my PopupControl I am using some javascript to scroll to a different part of the popup when certain things are clicked.  I am using this function:

                                        function scrollWin(myElementID) {
                                            const myTarget = document.getElementById(myElementID);
                                            myTarget.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' });

                                    Here is the markup for the popup Control:

                                    <dx:ASPxPopupControl ID="ASPxPopupControl6" runat="server" PopupHorizontalAlign="WindowCenter" ScrollBars="Vertical"
                                            PopupVerticalAlign="WindowCenter" Modal="True" ShowPageScrollbarWhenModal="True" EnableHierarchyRecreation="False" Width="650px" Height="850"
                                            HeaderStyle-ForeColor="White" CloseAction="None" ShowCloseButton="False">

                                    This works great, however the popup scrolls to the correct place, but the modal parent also scrolls the same amount.  Any idea how I can limit the scrolling to happen on just the PopupControl?

                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 10.10.2019

                                  Hello Dave,

                                  I'm afraid this code snippet is insufficient to determine why this problem occurs. We need to examine your full layout including the popup's content and the element. Would you please send us a sample project where we can check your full configuration and reproduce this effect? It will help us provide you with a solution.

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